2018 Town Team Movement Conference to attract national place-making experts

Perth will host a national ‘town teams’ conference in September this year.

The 2018 Town Team Movement Conference on 14 and 15 September will explore ideas and opportunities for building vibrant town and suburban centres.

Town Team Movement CEO Dean Cracknell said it would be a conference with a difference.

“It will be more like a festival of inspiration, ideas and interaction,” Dean said.

“Like-minded individuals will come together and learn from place-making and governance experts from across Australia.”

‘Town Teams’ are a new way of engaging and empowering communities.

Formed by a local community to focus on a specific place or area, Town Teams include business people, residents and others interested in helping improve their local area.

Town Teams work cooperatively with other community leaders and local governments to create active, resilient and successful places and help citizens get engaged and active in their community.

Dean Cracknell said the conference would be a great opportunity to look at the challenges facing local and state governments and businesses who want to develop active town and suburban centres.

“In this new century characterised by disruptive social, technological economic and political change, how do we help communities to reconnect?,” Dean said.

“How do we inspire, encourage and empower citizens to start activating and improving their public spaces to make their community more vibrant?

“How do we activate communities with low social capital?

“The Town Team Movement Conference will ask all these questions, and more, and hopefully come up with answers to build cohesive communities through place leadership and activation.”

The conference will be held in a number of venues in the emerging West End Arts Precinct, between Newcastle Street and Graham Farmer Freeway in West Perth.

Keynote speakers at the conference include:

  • Gilbert Rochecouste – an internationally renown voice in creating places for people, an agent provocateur for positive changes and the co-founder of the EPOCH Foundation promoting the adoption of business ethics.
  • Ingrid Cumming – a Whadjuk Balardong Nyungar custodian and traditional owner and CEO and Founder of Kart Koort Wiern, whose company ethos is ‘it takes knowledge, compassion and culture to create reconciliation and change.’
  • Marcus Westbury – the founder of the multi award winning Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia projects that have helped launch more than three hundred creative and community projects in empty and abandoned buildings and reopened more than a hundred vacant shops and offices across Australia.
  • Valli Morphett – CEO of Co-Design Studio, a placemaking and design consultancy that shapes neighbourhoods that thrive.
  • Peter Sharp – the ex-accountant turned social entrepreneur with a passion for connecting humanity with interactive flashmobs which blur the lines between passive citizens and active participants, such as a dance party on a Perth train after work one evening or a spontaneous sing-along with strangers.
The City of Vincent is home to five town teams and was the first in this movement for change said Mayor Emma Cole.

“We’ve had firsthand experience of the benefits of citizens and businesses coming together to make a difference on their streets, build community connection and revitalise town centres. It is inspiring to see the town team movement take off across Australia, as citizens become passionate about public life again.

We’re excited to welcome the Town Team Movement Conference to the emerging west end arts precinct in Vincent, and proud to be a presenting partner.”

Acting Town of Victoria Park CEO Natalie Martin Goode said they were very proud to be co-presenting the inaugural event with the City of Vincent.

“We consider our Town to be unique in its level of community engagement. The Town has worked closely with the Vic Park Collective over the years to bring vibrant events and activation to the streets of Vic Park.

“We are now in the midst of growing our place planning team to enter a new era that brings us to the fore of the Town Team Movement.

“Our Vision is to be Perth’s most empowered and engaged community – a dynamic place for everyone.”

The Town Team Movement Conference program will be launched on 9 August in West Perth. Registrations are encouraged at www.tinyurl.com/TTMConfLaunch

The Town Team Movement Conference is presented with thanks to presenting partners City of Vincent and Town of Victoria Park, major sponsors Curtin University, City of Kalamunda, City of Subiaco, City of Bayswater and exclusive media partner, Community Newspapers.

Tickets for the conference can be purchased from www.tinyurl.com/TTMConf



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