Australian Cinema in ISO Zoom Panel

Folks, we’ve got something pretty exciting for you coming up this weekend – Sunday May 10th…

Travis Johnson (Celluloid and Whiskey), Matthew Eeles (Cinema Australia), and myself, Andrew Peirce (The Curb), are joining up for a free Zoom panel and Q&A where we’ll discuss the state of the Australian film industry in these uncertain times.

With a variety of topics to discuss, including “how screwed are we?” to the cultural relevance of funding, there will be a lot to gain from this discussion and we’d love to have you join us!

The session will kick off from 7pm Eastern Australian Time (so, 5pm for West Aussie based folks, and 2am for anyone in Los Angeles who may want to join in).

Head over to the Facebook event here and RSVP, and throw any questions you have towards Travis here. We’ll also be taking questions during the session.

See you all then!

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