Australian International Documentary Conference Announces Awards Nominees and Stanley Hawes Winner

Today, the Australian International Documentary Conference announces the nominees for the annual AIDC Awards, and is also proud to announce screen journalist David Tiley as the winner of the $5,000 Stanley Hawes Award for 2022. The 2022 AIDC Awards Ceremony will be held in-person, at ACMI, Melbourne on Wednesday 9 March.
Successfully launching in 2021, the AIDC Awards recognise the outstanding work of new Australian documentary and factual content across six different categories. Alongside the 2022 Stanley Hawes Award recipient, David Tiley, AIDC is excited to celebrate the talent and achievements of the nominees during AIDC 2022.
Natasha Gadd, CEO/Creative Director, AIDC, said, “After the extraordinary response to the inaugural AIDC Awards in 2021, it was clear that our industry is wholeheartedly embracing a new initiative that celebrates and acknowledges the craft and talent of Australian documentary and factual content. We are so excited to once again present the AIDC Awards to recognise excellence in our field across six categories. We congratulate the 21 nominees for their achievements and thank our generous partners, the Awards jurors and the pre-selection committee members who have contributed to this year’s AIDC 2022 Awards.”

The 2022 AIDC Awards Presentation will be held on Wednesday 9 March at ACMI, Melbourne.
The remarkable expertise and work of Australian practitioners will be recognised across six award categories: Best Documentary Feature, with a $5,000 cash prize presented by Film Finances; Best Documentary/Factual Series; Best Documentary/Factual Single; Best Audio Documentary, with a $3,000 cash prize presented by AFTRS; Best Short Form Documentary; and Best Interactive/Immersive Documentary.
A full list of award nominees is below.
This award is supported by completion guarantor Film Finances with a $5,000 cash prize. Dan Read, Film Finances CEO said, “AIDC has always been an important and exciting event for us. It’s an opportunity to connect, learn from and celebrate the incredible talent of the nonfiction industry. We are excited to further support documentary makers, and honoured to present the Best Feature Documentary category at the 2022 AIDC Awards.”
I’m Wanita
Matthew Walker, Carolina Sorensen, Clare Lewis, Tait Brady | PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS, 2020
My Name is Gulpilil
Molly Reynolds, Peter Djigirr, David Gulpilil, Rolf de Heer | VERTIGO PRODUCTIONS & ABCG FILM, 2021
The Bowraville Murders
Allan Clarke, Stefan Moore, Dan Goldberg, Susan Lambert, Adam Kay | MINT PICTURES & JUMPING DOG PRODUCTIONS, 2021
Valerie Taylor: Playing With Sharks
Bettina Dalton, Sally Aitken | WILDBEAR ENTERTAINMENT, 2021
Laura’s Choice
Sam Lara, Cathy Henkel, Ryan Hodgson, Melissa Kelly | VIRGO PRODUCTIONS, 2021
Life in Colour with David Attenborough
Adam Geiger, Colette Beaudry, Sharmila Choudury | SEALIGHT PICTURES AND HUMBLE BEE FILMS, 2021
The School That Tried to End Racism
John Karabelas, Deb Spinocchia, Johnny Lowry | SCREENTIME AUSTRALIA, 2021
See What You Made Me Do
Tosca Looby, Karina Holden | NORTHERN PICTURES, 2021
Brazen Hussies
Catherine Dwyer, Andrea Foxworthy, Philippa Campey | FILM CAMP, 2020
Our African Roots
Santilla Chingaipe, Tony Jackson, David Collins | CHEMICAL MEDIA, 2021
Scott Baskett, Jared Nicholson, Naomi Just, Gene Geoffrey | RUN WILD PRODUCTIONS, 2021
This award is supported by AFTRS, with a $3,000 cash prize.
samsn’s STRONGER
Felicity Blake, 2021
Stuff The British Stole
Marc Fennell, Zoe Ferguson | ABC, 2021
Tender: Roia Atmar
Madison Griffiths, Beth Atkinson-Quinton | BROADWAVE, 2021
Capturing Change
Chris Phillips, Katy Roberts | MELT STUDIO, 2021
Freedom Swimmer
Olivia Martin-McGuire, Brooke Silcox, Ron Dyens | NO THING PRODUCTIONS & SACREBLEU PRODUCTIONS, 2021
Lost Contact
Amelia Paxman, Jaina Kalifa, 2021
Where Is My Darling?
Adam Finney, 2021
Eastern Market Murder
Emma Ramsay, Andy Yong | TRUE CRIME GAMES, 2021
Ravi and Emma
Kylie Boltin, Ella Rubeli | SBS, 2021
Ben Joseph Andrews, Emma Roberts | PERNICKETY SPLIT, 2022
The winner of this year’s Stanley Hawes Award is screen journalist, David Tiley.
An indefatigable champion of documentary and factual production, and one of our most passionate grassroots commentators on the screen business, David has long been a singular voice in the Australian media. Throughout his career, David has worked tirelessly in roles at Film Victoria, the Australian Film Commission, AFTRS, and ScreenHub – acting as editor since 2005 before becoming the Content Lead for Film in 2021. With this award, AIDC acknowledges his outstanding contribution to the Australian documentary and factual sector.
David Tiley said, “I am so happy with this I can’t uncurl my toes. And really delighted that the Stanley Hawes Award recognises that documentary is a broad passion and not just a bunch of shows. I am so honoured (and relieved) that wordsmiths are seen as part of the movement.”
The Stanley Hawes Award was established in 1997 to honour documentary producer and director Stanley Hawes, Producer-in-Chief of the Australian National Film Board and Commonwealth Film Unit from 1946-1969 – and recognises the significant support he gave independent filmmakers in the documentary sector. Since its inception, 23 recipients have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the documentary and factual sector in the tradition of Stanley Hawes. The recipient receives a $5,000 cash prize.
2022 AIDC Awards Presentation, ACMI, Melbourne, Wednesday 9 March
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