The Confirmation Review

It's understandable, given today's difficult social climate, that people would turn to religion at times of need and assistance. With wars raging on in the world, unemployment and inequality increasing at rapid...

Girl Asleep Review

One of the ‘classic tales’ that exists in the world of cinema, is that of the young girl who stumbles upon a mystical world that displays a mirrored version of her own. Whether it be Dorothy being transported t...

Downriver Review

­­Downriver is the first time feature film for writer/director Grant Scicluna. It tells the story of James Levy (Reef Ireland), a young man who is back in the open world after years in juvenile detention for be...

Sausage Party Review

Picture this: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Evan Goldberg sit around a house, smoking weed. They have some food, at which point, Rogen pipes up – heh heh, imagine if this sausage was like Woody in Toy Story and was really alive.

One More Time With Feeling Review

Someone has to sing the pain Nick Cave Death is something we are born in to. It's the great inevitability that affects us all. From the arctic polar bears to the citizens of Brighton, UK, death will arrive i...

Ben-Hur (2016) Review

If there was one static noise that has permeated throughout film-focused social media during 2016, it was that of ‘why remake X film when the original is so good’. Usually the words are a little harsher than th...

Red Billabong Review

Genre pictures are somewhat of a rarity in Australian cinema. Sure, horror films pop up here and there, but they’re mostly ultra-low budget affairs that are successful overseas. The genre pictures I’m talking a...

Down Under Review

Down Under opens with a text message that sparked the fire that was the Cronulla riots. News footage plays out the brutal physical assault on people of all nationalities, wrapping up with a line from a news rep...

High-Rise Review

J.G. Ballard’s High-Rise was written as a response to the escalating class divide during seventies era Britain. As council flats for the lower class grew, the decadent society of the wealthy increased. As a gra...

Star Trek Beyond Review

Under the direction of series newcomer, Justin Lin, this story of the crew of the Starship Enterprise doing what they do best feels like the most thematically faithful modern Star Trek film. An unknown ship app...