Burnt Review

There is a discussion in John Wells film Burnt where Bradley Cooper’s Adam Jones and Sienna Miller’s Helene meet in a Burger King to discuss working together. Jones offers Helene a bite of his burger, at which ...

Bridge of Spies Review

When reviewing a new Steven Spielberg film, you come to it with decades of classics and masterpieces in your mind. Unlike other filmmakers, Spielberg films come with a certain level of expectation that other fi...

A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

I was aware of the terror that is Freddy Kruger long before I ever saw a A Nightmare on Elm Street film. In 1991 or 1992 - I can't recall the exact year - my family went to the Brisbane Royal Show. Walking...

The Visit Review

For a while now M. Night Shyamalan has been considered a relative joke of a director. After Earth and Avatar: The Last Airbender were expensive failures. The Happening is one of the best worst films out there. Yet, something happened with Shyamalan adding 'producer' to his foray with the watchable Devil - a film that feels like it could have been a Shyamalan film all along. The hokiness of The Happening is wholeheartedly embraced with his latest outing, The Visit.

Everest Review

There is an old Gary Larson Far Side cartoon which has two people standing beside a massive ditch. They have climbing gear on and ready to tackle the ditch. The line at the bottom was ‘because it’s not there’. I was quite young when I read this and didn’t entirely get it at the time. What wasn’t there that made these climbers want to go down a huge ditch?

Frontline Review

My favourite documentary of all time is Jehane Noujaim's 2004 Control Room. A film about the media’s involvement in the Iraq War in the early 2000's, with special focus on Al Jazeera. It's a heartbreaking docum...

Sicario Review

Sicario is the latest thriller from Prisoners and Enemy director, Denis Villeneuve. I mistakenly made the comment on Twitter that he was an ‘up and coming director’ and thankfully someone corrected me with the ...

Dear White People Review

As has increasingly become the case, we have started to have to track down highly regarded films in Australia that simply have not gotten a theatrical release. Dear White People is one of those films – a fairly...

Straight Outta Compton Review

Like many a white Australian male growing up in the nineties, I liked to think I knew what good rap was. Besides listening to Gangsta's Paradise and Fuck the Police a lot, it was mostly Public Enemy that I was ...

Tehran Taxi Review

Filmed from the perspective of security cameras in a taxi, Tehran Taxi is the latest non-film from director Jafar Panahi. Just like This Is Not a Film, Panahi uses these security cameras to document what occurs...