10. Let the Corpses TanJay Shaw

Jay Shaw keeps the hits coming with this gold tinged mind bender for the vibrant, violent, vivacious Let the Corpses Tan. Equally bizarre and brilliant, this print punches you in the face with its overdose of red, all the while the gold ink on the titling ensures you never forget the title of this film. This film was one of the most energetic film experiences I had in 2018, so to see a film that manages to distil that energy down to its pure essence is worth applauding.

9. Silence of the LambsSam Wolfe Connelly

Sam Wolfe Connelly’s currency is darkness. He continually explores what moves in the night in his works, with his soul searing Exorcist print and his spine tingling celebration of Witch-ery, he has cornered the field for mind altering darkness. With his Silence of the Lambs print, he reminds us of the moth that makes up much of the imagery related to the film, and then applies it to the terrifying villain of Buffalo Bill. Unpleasant, but unforgettable.

8. First ReformedGreg Ruth

7. The Killing of a Sacred DeerGreg Ruth

This double whammy of First Reformed and The Killing of a Sacred Deer should easily put Greg Ruth high on the list of artists to keep an eye on. I could easily have put his Hereditary or Bride of Frankenstein print on here as well, but the thematic realisations of Paul Schrader and Yorgos Lanthimos’ arthouse films are what pushed them across the line.

The way Ethan Hawke is constructed from a mess of entangled barbed wire and roses is stirring, crafting the most striking visual representation of the themes of First Reformed. Then, The Killing of a Sacred Deer has the literal representation of a deer with a bag over its head relating to the disturbing final act of the film. These are the sort of prints that makes the bottom of your feet tingle.

6. PersonaJames Martin

In a year where Criterion released a mammoth collection of Ingmar Bergman films, it seems apt that James Martin has crafted a beautiful print that honours Bergman’s finest hour – Persona. The fractured nature of the Bib Anersson and Liv Ullman in Persona is presented beautifully here with ethereal watercolour that adds to the dreamlike state of the film. Haunting, beautiful, powerful – I cannot wait to see more of James Martin’s work.