Café Society Review

Woody Allen returns to his love affair with the early 1900’s with his look at Hollywood and romance in Café Society. Thematically picking up where films like Midnight in Paris and Magic in the Moonlight left of...

Scare Campaign Review

Something is happening Australian cinema right now that is pretty unexpected. The genre film is making a comeback. Obviously, the mammoth film that is Mad Max: Fury Road is a prime example of action cinema. But...

Early Winter Review

When we reach the end of our lives, we are forced to look back on the journey that has brought us to our conclusion. We reflect on the people who we’ve interacted with, and the role our families have played in ...

Top Knot Detective Review

If you were growing up in Australia in the nineties, odds are you probably sat down and watched SBS late on a Saturday night. Wedged between Iron Chef and an episode of Eat Carpet, you would no doubt have found...

The Confirmation Review

It's understandable, given today's difficult social climate, that people would turn to religion at times of need and assistance. With wars raging on in the world, unemployment and inequality increasing at rapid...

Girl Asleep Review

One of the ‘classic tales’ that exists in the world of cinema, is that of the young girl who stumbles upon a mystical world that displays a mirrored version of her own. Whether it be Dorothy being transported t...

Downriver Review

­­Downriver is the first time feature film for writer/director Grant Scicluna. It tells the story of James Levy (Reef Ireland), a young man who is back in the open world after years in juvenile detention for be...

Sausage Party Review

Picture this: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Evan Goldberg sit around a house, smoking weed. They have some food, at which point, Rogen pipes up – heh heh, imagine if this sausage was like Woody in Toy Story and was really alive.