Filmink Presents Launches in Australia as an Exciting New Film Distributor

Sometimes you get a press release that just makes sense.

Well, today is such a day. Dov Kornits and Lou Balletti are branching out from the realm of the magazine origins of Filmink and the subsequent online presence and pushing into the local film scene in a new, exciting way. Yep. Filmink Presents is now a definite thing.

Earlier in 2019, Filmink Presents pushed out the excellent contemplative zombie flick, The Night Eats the World. It was a superb film that helped set the tone of what will come from Filmink Presents – smart, independent, unique cinema.

It excites me to no end to see Lucy Coleman’s Hot Mess getting pushed out through Filmink Presents. And I’m more than eager to see what else comes from this exciting development.

Check out the rest of the press release below.

With thirty-plus years of experience on the local film scene, Dov Kornits and Lou Balletti have joined forces on Filmink Presents, an exciting new initiative that will get a host of fascinating films right where they belong…on a pathway to audiences. 

“The cinematic landscape has shifted radically in the last five years,” says Filmink Presents Co-Director Dov Kornits. “With the mainstream popularity of streaming, the game hasn’t just changed, it’s almost completely different. But there’s something that hasn’t changed: people still love good quality content, and with Filmink Presents, we’re going to bring it to them where they are consuming this content.”

As the publisher of Australia’s longest running and much loved movie magazine and website, FilmInk – which has been consistently punching above its weight for over 25 years, surviving a cavalcade of challenges along the way – Dov Kornits has long had his finger on the pulse of exactly what audiences want from the cinema experience. As the former Head of Theatrical for Umbrella Entertainment, and after working with distributors Label, Bonsai, Universal and Athabasca on releasing their films in cinemas, he also knows how to get the right films to those audiences.

On the new content distribution company Filmink Presents, Dov Kornits is joined by another veteran of the Australian film scene. Filmink Presents Co-Director Lou Balletti is a specialist in the digital and broadcast sectors, having headed up the digital sales division across Australia and New Zealand for global giant Entertainment One.  With over 20 years’ experience in the movie industry, Lou established her career working in cinema exhibition before transitioning to the distribution side of the business and heading up theatrical sales for Hopscotch Films.

“I’ve worked on some great titles over the years, ranging from Peppa Pig, Vice, Green Book right through to The Walking Dead, but I’m really, really excited about the films that we’ve got lined up for Filmink Presents,” says Lou Balletti.

After a soft launch earlier in 2019 with Kelly’s Hollywood and Night Eats The World, the company will flout both tradition and superstition by kicking off officially on Friday The 13th (December, that is) with a very special one-night-only showing of the appropriately ghoulish documentary, Wrinkles The Clown. “If you thought Pennywise was scary, wait until you see this guy…and he’s real,” laughs Kornits of the film, which digs deep into the titular online viral sensation in a manner not unlike cult film, Catfish.

This will be followed in 2020 by an equally compelling crop of films: Talking About Trees (an audience winner at The Berlin and Istanbul Film Festivals); the ingenious and highly contemporary Aussie comedy Hot Mess; the stylish and envelope-pushing Aussie noir Burning Kiss; acclaimed documentarian Julian Shaw’s Use Me, a highly personal tale of sex, lies and money; The Swallows Of Kabul (which has been shortlisted for a Best Animation Oscar); the chilling local thriller Sweet River; and Romance On The Menu, helmed by actress turned filmmaker Rosie Lourde.

With an emphasis on innovative content which targets specific audiences, Filmink Presents has established an effective one-stop-shop for content creators looking for a pathway to audiences. Complete with an established media arm, Filmink Presents is partnering with local and international producers and content owners to generate effective releases across all platforms, identifying clear and effective strategies to maximise viewership. “It’s an exciting time for the business, and we’re thrilled to be right in the middle of it,” says Lou Balletti.

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