Fortress Melbourne Brings Cult Classic Gaming Flicks to the Big Screen in their Gaming Film Festival

Folks, this is a banger of a series of events for gaming fans in Melbourne: a Cult Classic Gaming Film Festival. Check out the details below:

Coming to the big screen at Fortress Melbourne this month as part of the Fortress’ Gaming Film Festival is the movie that helped start the CGI revolution and now a cult classic to gamers and movie buffs alike, the original Tron!

Tron was a groundbreaking film for its time and has gone on to inspire many others. Individuals like John Lasseter, head of Pixar and Disney’s animation group, who said that “without Tron, there would be no Toy Story” (credit: What Will Tron: Legacy’s 3D VFX Look Like in 30 Years?- Anne Thompson, Dec 9, 2010). Tron has gone on to inspire games, toys, music, sequels and television shows and now a new generation can experience it for free, thanks to Fortress Melbourne.

Fortress’ Gaming Film Festival offers 18+ patrons the opportunity to catch up with the latest and greatest game and pop culture movies for free! Screened within their tier seated Alienware Arena, attendees can kick back with movie themed cocktails and snacks from the bar every Thursday from 6pm – 9pm.  For dedicated movie buffs, there’s a chance to win $100 bar tab for best costume getup matching that week’s movie theme. 

Upcoming movies are;

  • Tron: The Original Classic – Mar 4
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider – Mar 11
  • SPY Kids – Mar 18
  • Resident Evil – Mar 25

With over 2,700 square meters of games entertainment across 2.5 levels, including two bars, a full restaurant, console booths, extensive board game selection, arcade alley, dedicated esports arena and a state-of-the-art PC LAN Lounge, Fortress Melbourne is the newest must have experience! 

  • Gaming Film Festival – 18+ event offering FREE movie screening every Thursday, with themed cocktails and tasty snacks available for purchase.
  • Best dressed movie attendees have a chance to win $100 bar tab.
  • Uni Nights – student packages of 2 hours PC or board game time with a pint of Fortress Lager for $15
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