Welcome to the first episode of Round About, a podcast that’s all about politics, society, and the people that make the world turn. On this first episode, Andrew talks about clean energy and how to live a ‘green life’. He then has a chat with the co-director of the documentary Living the Change, Jordan Osmond, about how he went about capturing the lives of people who are living a green life in a documentary, and how he has gone about living a green life himself – going so far as to live in a caravan!

Find more about Jordan’s work with Living the Change and Happen Films at the attached links.

Here are some useful links to read about living green:

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‘I’m a Single Mother of 4. Here’s What the Wellness World Gets Wrong.’
Biome – Eco Friendly, Eco Gift, BPA Free Products
Beewrappy – Beeswax Wraps
Overwhelmed by Climate Change? Here’s What You Can Do

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