Revelation Film Festival 2017 Program Launches

Well, the Revelation Film Festival‘s 20th edition line-up has been announced. It’s a real stunner, that’s for sure – what with *deep breath*…

15 World Premieres
41 Australian Premieres
86 Australian Films
200 Film Screenings
Over 20 Special Events
Industry Guests

Yeah, no big deal right? Well, before heading over the to very useful PDF version on the Revelation website, let’s take a quick gander at what I think are some of the hits of the festival.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with Q&A with star George Lazenby

When Revelation celebrate their 20th Anniversary, they do it in style. So, to go alongside opening night film Becoming Bond, they’ve gone and organised a heck of a Q&A screening with star George Lazenby and Perth’s own Travis Johnson. Personally, I’m more excited to be able to see the star of the great The Man From Hong Kong in person – but regardless whether it’s Australian or British spies that you prefer, there’s no denying this will be a killer unmissable event.

A Dragon Arrives & The Brick and the Mirror

If there’s one aspect of the Revelation Film Festival that I’ve always appreciated, it’s the extremely rare, untouched, unseen films from all corners of the world. In the past, Iranian cinema has been given a fair amount of exposure, and in some circumstances (Tehran Taxi) has turned out to be the best film I saw that year. So, it’s with great excitement to see these two films be part of this years line-up, especially given the Iranian New Wave is a slice of cinema that I personally (and I would hazard a guess, many Australian film goers) are not familiar with.

The Girl With All the Gifts

I’ve heard nothing but great news about this sci-fi, horror, futuristic young adult thriller. Now, I’m most likely wrong with categorising this film under those labels, but with all the hype around The Girl With All the Gifts, I’ve avoided pretty much everything that details what this film is about. So, with that in mind, jump on this screening quick as there’s only one session screening at this years Revelation Film Festival.

Patti Cake$

Patti Cake$ is – hands down – the film I’m most excited for at this years festival. The trailer is infectious. A smash hit at the Sundance Film Festival, Patti Cake$ follows the titular character as she works through her life to reach her goal of becoming a rapper. Thankfully there are two sessions to this, because odds are I’ll be needing a second watch straight away.

Top Knot Detective

Top Knot Detective was insanely enjoyable when it hit SBS last year. An over the top, but deeply respectful, look at the samurai films that used to pepper late night TV in the nineties, Top Knot Detective is one of the many Australian films showing at the festival. Fun on the small screen, this is definitely going to be a cracker night on the big screen. A must see.

Watch the Sunset

Usually one shot films can feel gimmicky (sorry fans of Victoria), but Australia’s take on this style of cinema looks to defy that statement. Directors Tristan Barr and Michael Gosden have crafted a sub-90 minute drama about crime in Australia – one which will have its Worldwide debut at Revelation Film Festival. Get onto this film quick smart so you can talk about it with all your cinema loving friends before they can.


That image right there no doubt conjures up a million different thoughts, all scored with that iconic Bernard Hermann score. 78/52 proposes to assess these iconic fifty two seconds of cinematic history. No doubt this will be essential viewing for fans of cinema.

Baxter and Me

Baxter and Me – another Aussie film – looks to fill the void that last years Heart of a Dog left in our hearts. As a documentary that looks at the relationships we have with the dogs in our lives, Baxter and Me will no doubt cause more than a few tears. Look, I’ll admit my dog loving bias here has caused me to put this film on my ‘must see’ list, but dammit… we all have our soft spots.

The Go-Betweens: Right Here

Director Kriv Stenders has turned his attention towards documentary filmmaking for this feature on Brisbane’s greatest band (go ahead, I’ll meet you in the parking lot), The Go-Betweens. Featuring interviews with surviving band members, The Go-Betweens: Right Here will no doubt be an essential look at one of Australia’s greatest bands.

It’s Not Just Me

Jonathan Messer directs this WA based documentary about four young Australians who are transitioning from being female to being male. It’s Not Just Me looks at human rights and talks about a topic which is increasingly being part of the public discussion.

Meal Tickets

Another Western Australian film, and a fucking bonkers one at that. Meal Tickets follows the ten year journey that director Mat de Koning went through essaying the lives of the band members of the Screwtop Detonators. It’s truly nuts what goes on on these tours – and as one of the few films that I’ve seen from this years festival – making this a must see film.


Finally, there is Spookers. No matter what city you go to, there will be a horror community; and it’s within this documentary that we look at a horror community in New Zealand. Bound to be full of gore and insane costumes, Spookers looks like exactly the sort of film that you go to Revelation Film Festival for.

So, I tried to keep my list to ten, but honestly it was impossible to do so. Honestly – I’d put the entire schedule for this years line-up as a suggested film to catch. With films occurring over two cinema sites (Leederville and Luna SX), there will be something for everyone to catch while the festival rages on from July 6th through 19th. If you happen to see a weary looking, bearded man wandering from cinema to cinema during the festival, make sure to say hello.

Make sure to purchase your tickets beforehand right here and for more information, head over to the main Revelation site here.

Keep an eye out as well as there’ll be a run down of the past 20 years of Revelation in the next week or two.




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