Unseen Skies Director Yaara Bou Melhem Talks the Work of Trevor Paglen, the Difference Between Journalism and Documentaries, and More in This Interview

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Filmmaker and award-winning journalist Yaara Bou Melhem makes their documentary debut with their impressive new film, Unseen Skies. Following artist-activist-writer-musician Trevor Paglen as he makes art out of the plentiful black op sites around the world, Unseen Skies interrogates what it means to be surveilled, what is happening with the wealth of data being collected from us, and more. It’s a visually stunning film with a soaring score by Helena Czajka.

Unseen Skies plays at the Sydney Film Festival on November 10th, November 13th, and will be available online via SFF On Demand on November 12th. Purchase tickets here.

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