First Nations Narratives Celebrated at Story Week 2021

Story Week, Australia’s annual celebration of performed writing, celebrates First Nations’ voices and artists when it returns Monday 22 – Sunday 28 November 2021.

Story Week has always championed diverse voices, giving rise to a richness of stories that can only be told through the lived experience of those telling the story. And this year is no different, featuring a line-up of incredible First Nations artists across the entire program including Jazz MoneyLu NortonDaniel MateoChé BainesTravis De Vries and Tully De Vries.

Stop Money uses image recognition technology to bring culture to life through everyday items; the stop sign and a $10 note. The $10 dollar note has memorialized two famous white poets, in Stop Money, when a camera is pointed at it, powerful First Nations poets (Jazz Money) pop up and take their rightful place on the currency.  

First Person Voice is a series of three live events: Celebrate Language, Weaving with Language and Love Letters to Country. In Celebrate Language, First Nations poets and storytellers share ideas and insights on how important language has been to communities and how First Nations writers use poetry to celebrate language, and weave stories together.

In Weaving with Language, audiences join First Nations poets and storytellers as they sing up Country and weave stories with the magic of their respective languages.

Love Letters to Country is a workshop that celebrates the country that birthed and sustains us. In this workshop participants will learn how to use the beauty and metaphor of our homeland to put power in the pen and breathe new life into writing practice.

The Story Week First Nations programming has been developed in partnership with Awesome Black, a First Nations creative social enterprise and podcast production company.

For more information and ticketing, please visit:

WHAT: Story Week 2021
WHEN: Monday 22 – Sunday 28 November, 2021
WHERE: Venues across Sydney and online

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