Matt Hale Interview – Hypnotism, Anxiety, Relationships, and Covid-19

Matt Hale is a hypnotist who has performed at Fringe Festivals around the world and for corporate events providing guidance and support. While in this enforced reprieve that we all find ourselves in, Matt has released some helpful tools on his website for people struggling with isolation and mental health problems in this Covid-19 era.

Andrew caught up with Matt to ask about hypnotism and the apprehension that some may have when it come to hypnotism, as well as discussing what can help with easing minds in this time of need, as well as helping out with relationships too.

This is a worthwhile discussion to dive into, finding out about how best to approach the issues of our mind, and what actions we can take to tackle problems like anxiety and being around our partners 24/7.

We’d love to hear from YOU about what mindfulness techniques you have been using to help out with your mind in this period of isolation. What music do you listen to to help you meditate? And what tips do you have for those living with their partners in this time of isolation?

Find the useful resources on his website here for anxiety and here for relationships.

Find more info about Matt at his Facebook page too.

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Emerging as one of the struggles of Coronavirus isolation is the heightened stress on relationships with couples spending increasing amounts of time together. Hypnotist Matt Hale is reaching out with a lifeline for couples via a free audio download on his website:

Internationally renowned hypnotist Matt Hale, based in Perth, WA says his free download will assist people to navigate a troubled relationship, and in fact they will come out the other side even stronger!

“With couples either both working from home or isolating at home together, this can form massive strains on their relationship,” says Matt.

“It is the ultimate test. Relationships are not built on the sole expectation that you must spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week alone with that one person and have no other human interaction outside of that relationship.”

Matt points out that existing issues in relationships that were not resolved before the pandemic are bound to resurface under the strain of isolation, particularly given it is a stressful time with no end in sight.

“The impact people are facing on their relationships due to isolation together can cause psychological strains that make it even harder to overcome as the isolation period goes on,” he says.

Matt says his free 10-minute audio download can assist struggling couples through this time by teaching some special mind techniques.

“Specific focus of your mind on your relationship is a great way to act now and shift the dynamics of your relationship. By introducing some mental tricks and thought patterns into your everyday lives while in isolation, you can gradually change your thinking patterns, behaviours and outcomes to get through this difficult period.”

He advises couples to set time aside during their self-confinement to practice some form of self-hypnosis or relationship mental focus as it can recapture those feelings of love and romance.

“The Coronavirus is everywhere – you can’t escape something that everyone is talking about, and it’s easy to become sucked into the stress and negativity of it all. Rather than imposing those stresses onto our relationships, my audio offers an option for couples to push through and come out stronger on the other side,” says Matt.

To access Matt’s free relationships download, visit

Matt has also released a free download for people to combat feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, available here:

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