Filmmaker Ted McDonnell Begins Production on Phillip Noyce Documentary

Fresh on the heels of his Christopher Doyle documentary, Like the Wind, director Ted McDonnell has commenced work on his documentary on famed Australian, Hollywood based director Phillip Noyce.

After being delayed by two years due to the pandemic, Noyce – The Not So Quiet Australian began production this month with initial interviews, with filming commencing in Australia before picking up in Los Angeles mid year.

Producers for the film will be Nelson Yap and Nelson Khoury with US producer L.Warren Thompson. Lead Executive Producer will be well known technology guru Silvio Salom. Salom’s Sunjive Studios has supplied additional funding for the documentary. The doco has also gained funding from small investors.

Noyce – The Not So Quiet Australian will follow in the footsteps of Like the Wind and will be privately funded, with support from Screen Australia’s PEP program too.

“By privately funding our films we can get on with the business of actually making films rather than standing around awaiting for funding from government bodies. Life is too short to go through those lengthy processes,” McDonnell said.

“We are very thankful to have the likes of Mr Salom and Sunjive Studios support in making this important film on what of Australia’s most significant directors. Documentaries telling the stories of Australia’s great filmmakers such as Doyle and Noyce is important.”

McDonnell’s previous film Like the Wind had a successful festival run at the 2021 Sydney Film Festival, Camerimage in Poland and GZDOC in China, where it was the only Australian film selected. Like the Wind will begin streaming worldwide via Amazon Prime in April.

Digby reviewed Like the Wind in 2021, saying:

Weaved throughout the interviews with Doyle are champions of Australian cinema like Phillip Noyce who emphasises the impact Doyle has made in Australia.

Noyce: The Not So Quiet Australian is a welcome continuation of the celebration of Australian creatives and their work.

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