Joy Hopwood’s Fourth Romantic Comedy, The Give That Gives, Continues Its Theatrical Run


The fourth romantic comedy by Joy House Productions, The Gift That Gives, is currently having its theatrical release, after selling out at Parramatta Riverside, it will continue by having it’s Melbourne Premiere on Saturday 3rd February at 6pm followed by a Q & A with the lead actors, Takaya Honda, HaiHa Le, and filmmaker Joy Hopwood in conversation with Alice Pung, then finishing its release at Randwick Ritz on the 4th February 2024.

The Gift That Gives stars: Takaya Honda (Neighbours), HaiHa Le (Boy Swallows Universe), Lily Brown Griffiths (The Script of Life), Damien Sato (Rhapsody of Love), Susan Ling Young (The Office-Australia), Genevieve Craig (Chikkas), Athrav Kolhatkar (The Marriage Agency), Maria Tran (The Last King of the Cross), Andy Trieu (SBS Pop Asia) & Lex Marinos (Mother & Son & Kingswood Country).

The Gift That Gives follows the story of Callum Mori, the author of a book entitled, The Gift That Gives. He makes his first television appearance as a guest of The Arts Corner television show, presented by Kate Sedgeman, who falls for him. Callum, however, falls for her best friend, Linda. Linda owns the bookshop where Callum launches his book but luckily for Kate, fate brings her and Callum’s brother, Austin together, as they discover hidden love letters, signed by aliases. The sons suspect that their parents (Susan Ling Young and Lex Marinos) are having an affair, so they jointly,  all try to find out who penned them which brings a hilarious and unpredictable ending to the film.

When asked why the actors wanted to be involved in this film, they said:

“I was attracted to this film because it is an interesting blend of a rom-com and a whodunit with rich and diverse characters. The script has some interesting twists and turns that don’t get caught in rom-com clichés,” says Takaya Honda, who plays the lead, Callum Mori.                                         

“I love the spirit in which this film is being made, it takes a lot of courage and tenacity to set out to make a film and I wanted to be part of the ride. It also has a warm and positive message which I hope will resonate with audiences,” says Hai Ha Le.

“Marinos commended Hopwood on the universal themes she explored within the script. “Human emotions like love, hope, and happiness are universal; they don’t belong to any one section of society,” he said. “Working with a diverse cast and crew is very much what contemporary Australia feels like to me.”

The Gift that Gives is an Award winner at New York’s International Women’s Festival.

It will be announced at its final screening at Randwick, which television network the film will be licensed to. Joy is also busy in post production with “It’s Our Time,” which stars Peter Thurnwald (X.O. Kitty) Tiana Hogben (Thank God you are Here), Bianca Bradey (Wyrnwood) & Maria Tran (The Last King of the Cross) which she has directed and co-produced with Erica Long.

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