Beautiful Boy Review

The film watching period between October and January is one that’s full with films that simply exist to earn their talent an Oscar nomination. These are films that roll along, exist in the public consciousness...

Unravel Review

Unravel is the equivalent of looking at your very talented photographer friend’s holiday shots. Their photos of mountaintops and luscious forests look absolutely brilliant and are some of the finest photos you...

Jirga Review

War stories on film are often focused on the soldiers journey, presenting their path in war as an 'us v them' mentality. So rarely do they explore what the 'other side' is going through, possibly for fear of h...

Backtrack Boys Review

Full disclosure - this film will have you crying within the first five minutes. And odds are, you won't stop crying til the credits roll. Not only is Backtrack Boys Filmed over two years by director C...

Valiant Hearts Review

World War One is sadly under represented in video games. It’s a war that - to steal from a film critic I follow - is simply not ‘sexy’. It’s a war without the same level of firepower or artillery as World War ...

Ghost Stories Review

After an irrelevant childhood focused opening, Ghost Stories kicks into its narrative with obnoxious sceptic Professor Phillip Goodman (co-director Andy Nyman) interrupting a psychics attempt to (falsely) reun...

The Cleaners Review

It's been a couple of months since I wrote up my first impressions on The Cleaners. I had copped a facebook ban for posting a picture of Prince Harry in Nazi attire, and it had made me think back to when I saw...

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist Review

As the documentary Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist started to roll out around the world, the subject of the documentary, Vivienne Westwood, tweeted the following:

Reigns Review

As my work life has changed, I have found my available gaming time has changed as well. Where I used to sit down for hours on end to play through a fantasy epic, I now find myself struggling to complete a 5-mi...