Sydney Film Festival: 200% Wolf Director Alexs Stadermann and Star Ilai Swindells on Funny Farts in Films

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There’s space in this Bluey obsessed world for two Aussie animated canine stories, with Alexs Stadermann’s utterly delightful and wonderfully inventive series 100% Wolf following the exploits of one Freddy Lupin, a werewolf who turns into a puffy pink poodle when the moon comes out. Kicking off in 2019 with the bright and brilliant 100% Wolf which saw Freddy at odds with his pack as he had to prove that he had the heart of a wolf, a hugely successful TV series spawned, following the story of Freddy, his bouffant friend Batty, a slightly loopy Papillion, and Hamish, a dottery old West Highland White Terrier, and their group of misfit friends.

In 2024, we’ve been treated to the feature film sequel, 200% Wolf, which sees Freddy accidentally conjuring up a cheeky moon sprite named Moopoo. With the cosmic order in jeopardy and a new villain to deal with, Freddy, Batty, and Hamish must return Moopoo to the moon or else the world will be thrown out of order.

There’s a joyous charm to the 100% Wolf series that shines with each frame. A lot of the brilliance comes down to the voice work of Ilai Swindells, who plays Freddy, Samara Weaving who voices Batty in the film series, and Akmal Saleh who voices Hamish. Joining them this time round for 200% Wolf, and relishing every moment she gets, is Jennifer Saunders who plays the witchy Max.

Where 100% Wolf entertained with its suprising narrative twists and turns, 200% Wolf stuns with a brightness that harnesses all the colours of the rainbows to become one of the most gloriously expressive animated films ever produced in Australia. 200% Wolf is a Pixar-level animated film, and the team utilise every moment to show just how great Australian animation can be.

Matching that level of high quality animation is a story that truly delights with a playfulness and comedic verve that will have adults and kids laughing their jocks off. I’m a big fan of a great fart joke, and 200% Wolf features a wealth of toot-scooting titters. This pitch perfect comedy elevates the heart of the film, making the story of Moopoo an endearing and charming one that is guaranteed to have everyone shed a tear or two due to how utterly charming and sweet this little celestial creation is.

I’m in awe of how great 200% Wolf is. It’s an absolute joy from start to finish and is guaranteed to delight kids of all ages. It’s joyous beyond belief and acts as the antidote to a sea of dark family films out there. See this on the biggest screen you can. Thank me later.

I was able to chat with director Alexs Stadermann and star Ilai Swindells prior to the films world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival and I got to ask both of them about the delight of fart jokes in films. My chat with Alexs does touch on some slight spoilers, but it’s nothing that would impact your enjoyment of the film.

200% Wolf has one more screening at the Sydney Film Festival on 15 June 2024, with a wide release to come later in the year.

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian film and culture. He is the co-chair of the Australian Film Critics Association, a Golden Globes voter, and the author of two books on Australian film, The Australian Film Yearbook - 2021 Edition, and Lonely Spirits and the King. You can find him online trying to enlist people into the cult of Mac and Me.

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