Pat O'Shane
Pat O'Shane

Rebel With a Cause Producers Dena Curtis and Citt Williams Talk About Amplifying First Nations Trailblazers in This Interview

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In this episode Andrew interviews Dena Curtis and Citt Williams who are the producers behind the new NITV four part series Rebel With a Cause. This compelling and engaging documentary series follows four First Nations trailblazers – Senator Neville Bonner, poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal, magistrate Pat O’Shane, and radio presenter and media icon Tiga Bayles – and ultimately asks the question of what does it take to make a difference in the world?

In the following interview Dena and Citt talk about their work as producers and what it means to delve into culturally sensitive archives and present these stories on screen. Additionally, they reflect on the importance of recontexutalising archives that have so often been curated or managed by white people. 

To say that Rebel With a Cause is an essential series feels like an understatement. It’s arriving at a time where Australia as a nation is going through a major change, with the referendum on the Voice to Parliament being decided on October 14. Within the stories of Neville, Oodgeroo, Pat, and Tiga, we see four people who saw the potential within themselves and their community to change history and the future of Australia. It encourages viewers to consider and contemplate the impact of their actions, and the manner that they have helped amplify, support, and better the lives of First Nations people in Australia.   

Rebel With a Cause is directed by EJ Garret, Jill Robinson, S.F. Tusa and Douglas Watkin. It will screen on NITV from October 1st, with new episodes dropping each week. 

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners, the trailer included in this podcast contains the voices of people who have passed away. 

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian film and culture. He is the co-chair of the Australian Film Critics Association, a Golden Globes voter, and the author of two books on Australian film, The Australian Film Yearbook - 2021 Edition, and Lonely Spirits and the King. You can find him online trying to enlist people into the cult of Mac and Me.

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