Aussie Film Keep Stepping to Screen at HipHopCinefest When It Kicks Off in May

PRESS RELEASE is the only event in Italy and one of five in the world that focuses on stories written, produced and directed by Hip Hop culture lovers, passing through all film genres including experimental ones.

Even more important this year on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop, the mission of to contribute to the preservation of Hip Hop culture’s heritage through the cinematic eye.

For 2023 there are 102 projects selected from 32 countries: 15 long documentaries, 4 fiction feature films, 16 short documentaries, 2 fiction short films, 16 experimental projects, 4 web projects and 43 music videos. Check out the projects and more here:

The program is full of guests and cultural initiatives:

The selected projects will be streamed on the Filmocracy platform accessible from the festival website during the 2 weeks preceding the festival (May 1st-14th), the streaming will be free, with the possibility of donation for those who can and want to contribute.

The finalists will be announced on May the 8th and will be screened during the physical part of the festival (May 13th-14th) in 2 sessions of 8 hours a day, divided into 2 slots of 4 hours each at the Cinema Aquila (Rome). Every day is composed by 2 slots, each slot costs €5 and the overall festival pass costs €20.

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday 14th May and will be streamed on the festival’s YouTube channel in addition to the 6 panels (13th-14th May). The topics treated this year will be: Hip-hopportunity: hip hop and art education; Hip Hop and street fashion; Experimental: hip hop visions and visionaries; Hip Hop candidacy for the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO, History of hip hop cinema vol. 3, The Role of Hip Hop in the Political Struggle: focus Australia.

Furthermore, an art exhibition will be set up in the foyer of the cinema and workshops will be organized for the little ones. aims to contribute to the conservation of the heritage of Hip Hop culture and with its activities it wants to be a source of inspiration for all lovers of this world, generating opportunities to create, share, inspire, experiment, thus offering opportunities without borders and artistical international exchanges.

The festival is completely self-financed and for this reason the organization has decided to create a Paypal link active on the site from 14 April for free donations from the users community. The streaming ticket is free because the festivals hosts films from all over the world, but unfortunately some countries do not have easy access to the international banking system and to give everyone the opportunity to access to the festival, the free ticket route was chosen.

Press Release

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