Batoor: A Refugee Journey Interview with Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker Barat Ali Batoor

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is always home to a plethora of great and varied documentaries from around the globe. This year, the festival will host the deep and moving documentary, Batoor: A Refugee Journey by Walkely Award winning photojournalist, Barat Ali Batoor. Batoor: A Refugee Journey follows Batoor’s path from Afghanistan through to Australia in search of safety and sanctuary. This powerful film comes at a devastating point in Australian history, where the Australian government is actively denying the refuge of countless Afghani citizens who assisted the Australian armed forces in the war against the Taliban.

As mentioned in the interview, one of the support services that you can help by donating to is the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). The other action you can do to help is to head over and watch Batoor: A Refugee Journey and share Batoor’s story with the world.

You can see Batoor: A Refugee Journey in Melbourne on July 22nd and August 1st, pending any further lockdown measures. Head to the MDFF website for more details.

Follow Barat Ali Batoor’s Facebook page, and keep up to date with the festival via their Facebook page here.

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