Editor William Goldenberg and Costume Designer Charlese Antoinette Jones Talk About Working on Ben Affleck’s Air in These Interviews

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In this double interview episode, Andrew chats with two of the creative minds behind Ben Affleck’s latest film, Air. Air tells the story of how sports marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) pursued Michael Jordan and changed history for Nike and basketball with the creation of the iconic Air Jordan shoe.

First up is Academy Award winning editor William Goldenberg who reunites with Affleck for the fourth time, having won the Best Editing Oscar for Argo. Bill talks about the short hand that he and Ben have built up over the years, how he creates emotion within an edit, and more.

Following this interview is costume designer Charlese Antoinette Jones. Charlese talks about her work creating era-specific clothing for the actors, the difficulty of sourcing material from the 80s, and how she helps the actors create their characters with their costumes.

Air is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime. Read Nadine’s review of Air here.

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian cinema, Australian politics, Australian culture, and Australia in general. Found regularly talking online about Sweet Country, and reminding people to watch Young Adult.

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