Experience the 6th Taiwan Film Festival in Australia: A Cinematic Journey Across 5 Cities this July & August!


The 6th Taiwan Film Festival in Australia takes place from 20th July to 20th August, spanning five cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, and Brisbane. With over 30 sessions and 9 Australian Premieres, this festival promises to captivate movie lovers with its diverse selection of films.

“The 6th Taiwan Film Festival in Australia is a surreal achievement, as we have not only sustained its success but also expanded to more cities. Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed a rise in the screening of diverse content across various platforms, and we are proud to be a part of this movement. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your support, as well as the generous sponsors who have made this festival possible.”

From the director of “TILL WE MEET AGAIN” (2021), Giddens Ko presents another whimsical love story adapted from his short story novel, “Precisely Out of Control.” Starring award-winning actress Vivian Sung (NINA WU, 2019), musician/rapper Daniel Hong, and Kai Ko (MONEYBOY, 2021), “MISS SHAMPOO” is a romantic comedy that will amplify your love potion and make you fall in love all over again.

“MISS SHAMPOO” is not only an adaptation of Giddens Ko’s novel “Precisely Out of Control,” but it also showcases his cinematic charm reaching new heights, offering a fresh and unique romantic comedy experience.

Filmmaker in Focus: Arvin Chen

Arvin Chen, born in Boston, Massachusetts, is a Taiwanese-American writer and director. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Arvin returned to Taiwan and became an apprentice to Taiwanese auteur Edward Yang. He then went on to obtain his MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California (USC). His debut short film, “MEI” (2006), won the Silver Bear for Best Short Film at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival, the DGA Student Film Award – Honorable Mention for Best Asian American Student Filmmaker, and the New York City Short Film Festival – Best Student Short.

Arvin’s feature films include:

“AU REVOIR TAIPEI” (2010) is director Arvin’s feature debut after the tremendous success of his short film “MEI.” Renowned German New Wave director Wim Wenders served as Executive Producer in this remarkable work of art.

“WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW?” (2013) is an enchanting romantic comedy where the vibrant tapestry of realism unravels the profound journey of soul-searching for one’s other half, transcending the boundaries of sexuality and gender.

“MAMA BOY” (2022) is his highly anticipated new feature film after a hiatus of 9 years from his previous feature works. With its stunning blend of magical realism, “MAMA BOY” invites audiences to immerse themselves in a bittersweet and ambiguous exploration of human connections.

International Co-Production Projects:

“TOMORROW IS A LONG TIME” (2023), directed by Singaporean director Jow Zhi Wei and co-produced by Singapore, Taiwan, France, and Portugal, is a visually striking wonder reminiscent of the works of Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

“A HOLY FAMILY” (2022), directed by Wu A-Liang, is an intimate journey of homecoming, a portrait of rekindled family bonding despite differences in religious beliefs, and an unflinching tale of self-discovery through filmmaking.

The Perspectives of the Female Gaze

Director Lee Yi-Fang’s directorial debut feature, “LITTLE BLUE,” with her daring artistic vision and astonishing female gaze, unravels the female’s sexual desires. By challenging the taboo representation imposed by a male-dominated society, the film raises significant awareness about the mental and physical harm that continues to persist in today’s world.

Director Fu Tian-Yu brings her childhood memories in a barbershop to life in this beautiful and heartwarming film, “DAY OFF” (2022). “DAY OFF” showcases the intangible bonds we form with others, where moments of love, understanding, and support are what truly give life its value and meaning.

Pushing Narrative Boundaries: Celebrating Creativity

One of the most successful Taiwanese directors of the 21st century, Director Cheng has showcased his versatility across various genres, from the bone-chilling horror of “THE TAG ALONG 2” (TWFF, 2018) to the emotionally captivating romance of “MAN IN LOVE” (TWFF, 2021). In his latest film, “MARRY MY DEAD BODY,” Cheng skillfully blends supernatural comedy and crime thriller elements, creating a brilliant mix-genre knockout that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and evokes a wide range of emotions throughout the film.

Acclaimed actor Kai Ko’s directorial debut, “BAD EDUCATION” (2022), collaborates with Giddens Ko, the director of “MISS SHAMPOO” (TWFF, 2023), for the screenplay, and with Shieh Meng-Ju, the editor of “DETENTION” (TWFF, 2020), to bring forth a remarkable transformation of the film. Moving beyond dark humor, the film delves into the depths of human existence, exploring themes of brotherhood, reality, and society’s darkest corners. Through their collective vision, the team crafts a thought-provoking narrative that challenges viewers and prompts them to question the intricacies of humanity.

“COO-COO 043” (2022), from the talented emerging director of “THE ISLAND THAT ALL FLOW BY” (TWFF, 2016), comes another poetic masterpiece that delves into the intricacies of realism through the lens of cinematic art. This film explores the issue of social disparity in Taiwan by portraying a family whose fate is intertwined with pigeon racing. Collaborating with the award-winning Director of Audiography, Tu Duu-Chih, and the esteemed cinematographer of “THE SILENT VOICE” (TWFF, 2021), Chen Chi-Wen, this remarkable work captures the essence of storytelling through a seamless fusion of visual and auditory elements.

Short Film Competition Juries and Nominees

Director Corrie Chen

Corrie Chen, an award-winning writer/director, is known for her work in both drama and comedy. She recently directed the Stan Original mini-series “BAD BEHAVIOUR” (2023) for Matchbox Pictures, which premiered at the prestigious 2023 Berlinale in the Official Competition category. Another notable project she directed is the critically acclaimed and award-winning Goalpost/SBS mini-series “NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN” (2021), where she won the Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Mini-series.

Director Lee Yi-Fang

Lee Yi-Fang is a talented filmmaker who pursued her passion for film after completing her studies in Foreign Languages at National Taiwan University. She further honed her skills by obtaining a Master’s degree in Film/TV from the University of Edinburgh. Her first feature film, “LITTLE BLUE,” had its international premiere at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival.

Director Arvin Chen

Arvin Chen is a talented writer and director who splits his time between Taipei and Los Angeles. Arvin’s feature films include “AU REVOIR TAIPEI” (2010), “WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW” (2013), and “MAMA BOY” (2022). His achievements at prestigious film festivals highlight his talent and contribute to his reputation as a promising filmmaker in the industry.

Nominated for Narrative Shorts are:

“BOYS ON THE BRIDGE,” Directed by Zhang Bu-Yi

“THE WAY HOME,” Directed by Joe Lee

“DUET,” Directed by Su Pei-Yi

“A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER NOON,” Directed by Kung Wan-Hsiang

“TUĪ NÁ,” Directed by William Duan

“HAPPY NEW YEAR, MS. LUNA,” Directed by Andy Diep

Nominated Animation shorts are:

“A NIGHT WITH MOOSINA,” Directed by Tsai Shiu-Cheng

“IMPURRFECTION,” Directed by Yao Chiang

“DISTANCE,” Directed by Hu Jung-Hsin

“We are incredibly excited to announce that this year’s festival will feature an extended Short Film Competition with two categories: Narrative Short and Animation Short,” said Festival Director Benson Wu.

Filmmakers’ Talks & Seminars

“For the first time, we have invited directors to participate in post-screening Q&A sessions in Canberra and Brisbane, along with an additional director talk in Melbourne and Sydney. Audiences in these cities will have the unique opportunity to delve into the journey of filmmaking,” said Festival Director Benson Wu.

This year, the film festival has cordially invited Giddens Ko, Taiwan’s leading contemporary popular culture author. Giddens Ko will be sharing his journey of working with literature adapted into film and television at the industry circle event on Friday, July 21, at 2 pm at Sydney Event Cinemas George St. This will be followed by SBS mini-series “NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN” (2021) director Corrie Chen, who will share her journey into international co-production projects on Friday, July 21, at 3 pm at Sydney Event Cinemas George St.

As the festival travels to Melbourne, director Arvin Chen will appear for the post-screening Q&A, along with a director talk on Friday, July 28, at Melbourne Village Cinema – Jam Factory. Additionally, “LITTLE BLUE” director Li Fang-Yi will be joining the festival for post-screening Q&A sessions in Brisbane and Canberra.

These inspiring events will provide rare opportunities for audiences and industry insiders to interact with outstanding directors and writers, gain an in-depth understanding of the stories behind film and literary creation, and promote international cultural exchanges and collaboration.

The festival is presented by the Taiwan Film Festival in Australia, the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Oceania, and the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Australia, and is co-presented by the Taiwan Creative Contents Agency (TAAICA), and Spotlight Taiwan as the touring supporter. 

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia would like to earnestly thank the following partners and sponsors: City of Sydney, City of Stonnington, Screen Queensland, KAVALAN, TECO, Australia Taiwan Friendship Association, JADEBERG GROUP, CHINA AIRLINES, YEH’S HOTEL GROUP, REENMAX, the Sydney branches of various Taiwanese banks, associations and individuals, as well as the film festival team and volunteers.

20/7– 23/7 Sydney Event Cinemas George St
27/7 – 30/7 Melbourne Village Cinemas The Jam Factory 
5/8 – 6/8 Hobart State Cinema 
12/8– 13/8 Canberra NFSA  
19/8– 20/8 Brisbane Event Cinemas City Myer 

Ticket Prices:
Adult Single Ticket $18 | Concession Ticket $15 | Seniors Card $12
Sydney and Melbourne Passes 
Flexi 5 Pass  $70 | Hardcore Pass $120
Hobart, Canberra and Brisbane Passes 
Flexi 3 Pass $40  | Hardcore Pass $70
Book your tickets now at https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au

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