Flyways Director Randall Wood Talks About Saving Shorebirds in This Interview

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Flyways is a visually stunning and emotionally enriching film about three different groups of endangered migratory shorebirds from around the globe. Each of these birds fly thousands of kilometers around the globe through migratory routes, traversing hemispheres and continents to reach breeding grounds. Often they will fly days without food or water.

Directed and shot by Randall Wood, Flyways is a passionate film that presents parts of the avian species that are threatened by humanity alongside the many bird watchers and scientists who eagerly follow their journeys. These scientists use tracking devices and location data, and occasionally, if luck is their side, visual verification from humans, to monitor where the birds move.

Flyways plays out like a blend between Travelling Birds and Jennifer Peedom’s River and Mountain, acting as a plea for mankind to respect nature and to consider just how we impact the living world around us. With a soaring score by Cezary Skubieszewski, and gentle narration by Mia Wasikowska, Flyways is a soul-nourishing film that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

In this interview, Randall talks about the importance of capturing these images, how documentaries can be advocacy films, as well as the Q&A sessions that he’s embarking upon throughout May and June across Australia. For more information, head to

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