Foe Director Garth Davis Talks About Creating a Human Connection on Screen with Saorise Ronan and Paul Mescal in This Interview

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Garth Davis is a filmmaker who has explored the human need for connection in his films. Whether it’s in his Best Picture nominee Lion, or in his latest film, Foe, that sense of being one with the person you love is a tangible thread throughout his career. In the following interview, Garth talks about that sense of connection, while also talking about one of the core themes of the film: Artificial Intelligence.

Foe stars Saoirse Ronan as Hen and Paul Mescal as Junior. They are midwest lovers in the future who find their lives upturned when an unexpected visitor played by Aaron Pierre arrives to tell them that Junior is to be sent to space for some time. As a replacement and for company, Pierre’s mysterious man proposes that they create an artificial clone of Junior to keep Hen company. From here, the science-fiction and dramatic tone of Foe interweaves Ronan and Mescal bouncing off one another.

Foe is in Australia cinemas from November 2.

Andrew F Peirce

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