Four Star-Signs Walks into a Bar in Michelle Endersbee’s Leo/Taurus/Taurus

When it comes to knowing ourselves, how far can star signs and personality tests take us?

Four star-signs walk into a bar, meanwhile a INFP and an ENTJ fall in love, and across town, a phone lights up with a Co-Star notification that just says “truth.”

Told through personal storytelling, movement, songs and poetry, Leo/Taurus/Taurus is a glittery, energetic, moving journey through our search for meaning, and the tools we use to figure out who we are; from astrology to Myers Briggs, Buzzfeed quizzes to IQ tests; and what happens when we strip it all away.

From Lady Great Theatre Co, and directed by Michelle Endersbee (ARADIA, Watch and Act), comes a new show that explores identity in an ever-changing world.

The works is devised by Endersbee along with a cast of stellar performers, including Andrea Lim (a multi-faceted creative whose work spans design, photography and film), Lily Murrell (a recent WAAPA grad with credits including Body Rights and 600 Seconds), Lainey O’Sullivan (an Irish performer making new waves in Perth), and Ruby Liddelow (Artistic Director of Mandurah’s Riptide and lead creative of Bard in the Bush). Leo/Taurus/Taurus will also feature original live music from Georgina Cramond (Interrupting a Crisis, Watch and Act).

“I was drawn to make this show when a friend remarked to me, ‘I use star signs as a language to understand people,’” says Endersbee. “I wanted to explore this idea with an incredible and diverse team of storytellers, discovering how the language of personality types and zodiacs can help us understand ourselves and others, how it helps us find our communities and kindred spirits, but also how this language can fail us and trap us in identity boxes.”

Leo/Taurus/Taurus is about the power of self-reflection, even if that self-reflection comes from discovering ‘Which Potato Dish Are You?’ on Buzzfeed. Full of music, projection, film and light, it’s showing five nights only at The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights 2022.


8–12 February 2022


Tickets $20 – $25 from

The Blue Room Theatre

53 James Street, Northbridge WA

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