Love is in the Air Director Adrian Powers Talks About Working with Delta Goodrem in Paradise in This Interview

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On this episode, Andrew chats to writer, director, and editor Adrian Powers about his new film Love is in the Air. This romantic drama tells the story of Dana, played by Delta Goodrem in her return to acting. Dana is a seaplane pilot in Far North Queensland and when she’s not monitoring the region from the skies, she’s delivering much needed supplies to remote communities. Her job is thrown into disarray when the business that helps fund the operation sends the handsome William (Joshua Sasse) to come and value the business with the intention of decommissioning it. Naturally, romance ensues. Supporting actors include Aussie icons like Roy Billing and Steph Tisdell.

In the following interview, Adrian talks about working in a Hallmark-model of film and TV production in Australia with Jaggi Entertainment, he also talks about the contrast of a film like Love is in the Air with his earlier work like the short film Brolga, which was partially shot in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. We also talk about the need for light and fluffy films like this, before heading into a discussion about working with the elements in Far North Queensland and how the beards of characters are decided.

Love is in the Air is on Netflix internationally right now, while Adrian’s next film, A Royal in Paradise, will receive a limited theatrical release in Australia next week.

Watch Adrian’s short film Brolga below and read an earlier interview with Adrian about the short here:

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