Behind the scenes on Monolith actor Lily Sullivan with director Matt Vesely photo by Ian Routledge
Behind the scenes on Monolith actor Lily Sullivan with director Matt Vesely photo by Ian Routledge

Monolith Director Matt Vesely Talks About Why South Australia is the Hotbed for Genre Filmmaking Right Now in This Interview

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On this episode, Andrew chats with director Matt Vesely about his feature film debut Monolith.

Monolith is a chilling sci-fi thriller follows a journalist, played by Lily Sullivan, whose livelihood is at stake after a defamation case threatens her career. In a bid to escape the pressure of the case, she heads to her parents remote home and starts working on a podcast called Beyond Believable, a show that looks at unbelievable true stories. Over the following taut and tense ninety minutes, the journalists world unravels as a story about mysterious black bricks that appear in peoples lives come to her attention. The more she interviews people, the deeper the mystery takes her.

In this interview, Matt talks about the process that he employs to create a personality for an inanimate object, about how the writer Lucy Campbell, producer Bettina Hamilton, and himself gave Lily Sullivan the space to build a performance where she is the only character we see on screen, and just what exactly is going on in South Australia which has made it the hotbed for great Aussie films this year.

We also touch on the space of comedy in science-fiction, as previously shown in his short films My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling and System Error, both of which are available to watch below.

Monolith is in Australian cinemas from October 26. To find out more, make sure to visit the Bonsai Films Facebook page for details.

Read Andrew’s review of Monolith here and Nadine’s interview with actor Lily Sullivan here.

My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling

System Error

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