Sydney Short Film Festival Kicks Off on February 1 at Ritz Cinemas


The 6th edition of the Sydney Short Film Festival is taking place on the 1st of February at the Ritz Cinemas. With a multifaceted and diverse programme of short films from around the world, SSFF24 celebrates the power of independent cinema.

From France and Spain to Singapore, Iran and Taiwan, the selection of the Sydney Short Film Festival 2024 brings together different cultures, and filmmakers from all walks of life unfolding a wide range of perspectives and film styles. As the programme unravels, we delve into everyday stories, personal dilemmas and relationships.

Eva Thomas’ ‘Redlights’ (premiered at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival) sheds light on the systemic injustices faced by Indigenous communities within the context of the criminal justice system. Nelson Polfliet’s ‘Worn out by Everyday Routine’, we follow a fifty-nine-year-old fishmonger trying to escape her everyday routine while I-Hui Lee’s ‘It’s Perfectly Okay to Lie’ explores mental illness and family bonds in the father-daughter relationships.

Founded in 2018, SSFF has built an international community of filmmakers that never ceases to grow. As we move forward we aspire to expand further. We can’t wait to welcome you all!

Screening slot 1: 18.00-19.30

▶The Last Cinema, Sam Carson, Australi, 12′ • 2022

▶A Moral Man, Paul Simon Wade, 19′ • United Kingdom • 2021

▶Wedding in France, Tuomas Eero Tapio Bohm, 13′ • Finland • 2023

▶The Last Ascent, Remo Scherrer, 15′ • Switzerland • 2023

▶Redlights, Eva Thomas, 14′ • Canada • 2023

▶Return Chute: The Survival of a Small Town Video Store, Simone Atallah, 17′ • Australia • 2023

Screening slot 2: 19.40 – 21.05

▶Portrait of a Disappearing Woman, Nelson Polfliet, 20′ • Belgium • 2022

▶Roughhouse, Hong Xu Ow, 7′ • Singapore • 2023

▶Guardian, Tahereh Fard & Elyas Askarpour, 14′ • Iran • 2023

▶The One That Got Away, Jorge Moratal & Nacho Garvía, 5′ • Spain • 2023

▶It’s Perfectly Okay to Lie, I Hui Lee, 15′ • Taiwan • 2023

▶I’m Not a Robot, Victoria Warmerdam, 22′ • Netherlands • 2023


Ritz Cinemas

45 St Pauls St, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia Phone: +61 2 8324 2500

Starting time: 18.00

Entrance is Free Links:

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