Top End Wedding Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee Interview

Easily one of the biggest Australian films of the year is here – Top End Wedding. We’re pretty excited for it here at The Curb, with Travis Akbar giving it a glowing review here. Travis was lucky enough to catch up with stars Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee to chat about their film while they were in Adelaide. Give it a listen above.

And make sure to RSVP for Top End Wedding – it’s one of the best films of the year.

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Travis Akbar

Travis grew up on the west coast of South Australia and has been interested in film since seeing Jurassic Park and Predator for the first time in the mid-nineties. Particularly fond of the action and thriller genres, he met his long-time idol, Jean Claude Van Damme, in 2016, talking with 'the muscles from Brussels' about his upcoming films and the hurdles he has faced in the entertainment industry. Some of his favourite films include Jurassic Park, The Salton Sea, Apt Pupil and Any Given Sunday. Travis loves the way a film can make people feel such a diverse range of emotions, from excitement and happiness to fear and sadness. He believes that creativity is what helps the world evolve and that the arts, is the centre of creativity.

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