Mel Grob as Lenora, Charles Russell as Tim, Harrison Popple as Darcy, Kylah Day as Lucy, Samuel Ireland as Itch, Melanie Wozniak as Jack, Cath Moore as Jude & Keala Kern as Chloe. ITCH 2. Photograph by David Dare Parker

WA Filmed Children’s TV Series ITCH Receive Multiple Award Nominations and An International Release

After a successful premiere on ABC last month, the second season of the trailblazing children’s TV series ITCH has collected multiple award nominations and amassed impressive international sales around the world.

With strong on-demand viewing across ABC iView and the ABCMe App, huge potential kids and family audiences are enjoying the adventures of science-obsessed Itch and his high-school gang; the characters created in the award-winning books by popular British broadcaster and author Simon Mayo. 

Produced and filmed in Western Australia, this ten-part live action-adventure TV show will soon be seen in every corner of the globe with international sales including the BBC (UK), BUYtv (USA), NZTV (NZ), Yle TV2 (Finland), SIC (Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde), CCMA (Catalonia), NRK (Norway), and deals with Global Eagle, Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Nickelodeon and Google Play.

Amanda Morrison, Head of Global Production and Managing Director of Komixx Entertainment, Australia explains there are many reasons why ITCH has struck a chord internationally.

ITCH Series 2 touches on themes of the environment, corporate corruption and greenwashing as well personal empowerment, growing up, trust, responsibility and integrity.  The universal themes, the fast pace, stunts, special effects and suspense have made ITCH a big hit internationally, she says.

ITCH is aimed 8 to 12-year-old girls and boys equally, with family co-viewing one of the keys to the success.

ITCH is a unique action-adventure genre for Australian children’s television.  The diverse and authentic cast, the environmental theme that runs through the series, and our teenage hero Itchingham Lofte with his love of science is endearing, inspiring and totally current, says Amanda.

At home, ITCH is kicking goals with multiple recent award nominations, including round one in the AACTA awards (The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards), and nominated as a finalist in the “Children’s Series Production of the Year” in the SPA AWARDS (Screen Producer’s Australia). 

The BLACKBOX AWARDS (the new Logies) is open to public voting now with ITCH nominated in the Children’s category.  Cast your vote HERE.

The second series of ITCH was the first WA production to be shot in the midst of the pandemic, from October to December in 2010 in Albany, Peel and Perth.  Recognised for its high production values, ITCH utilised state of the art LED studio technology for Perth studio scenes, a world first in children’s television.

ITCH Series 2 stars Samuel Ireland as Itch, Kylah Day as Lucy, Melanie Wozniak as Jack, Charles Russell as Tim, Keala Kern as Chloe, Harrison Popple as Darcy, Henry Mendez as Quinn, and newcomer Lauren Campbell as Bella.  The series is directed by award-winning Australian directors Nicholas Verso and Tenika Smith.

In Series 1, after Itch discovers a mysterious rock that is quickly identified as a powerful new element he is forced to protect it from a sinister organisation seeking to weaponize its energy and is forced into a difficult decision on the future of the rock.  Series 2 moves the story into a whole new adventure. After Itch and his friends are shocked to find dead fish washing up on the shores of Seaburgh after a boat explosion, they suspect toxic foul play once again involving evil corporation Greencorp. In their efforts to keep the water safe, they make a discovery that threatens Seaburgh and the whole West Australian coast with devastation.

ITCH Series 2 is screening now on ABC ME and ABC iview.

Produced by independent film and TV producer Komixx Entertainment for the ABC, ITCH Series 2 received major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the ABC.  The series was financed with support from Screenwest and the Western Australian Regional Film Fund, and ABC Commercial holds worldwide distribution rights. Komixx Entertainment in Perth, Western Australia, is a joint-venture producer with the UK-headquartered iGeneration Studios. 

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