Why Run Amuk – Hotdogs Unleashed is the Home of the Worlds Best Hotdogs

In the catalogue of ‘conversation starters’ that I have up my sleeve, sitting comfortably alongside ‘why you should watch more Australian films’ and ‘have you seen how great my dog Cheese is?’ is the conversation of ‘have you tried Run Amuk hotdogs yet?’ that you’ll catch me monologuing about. I shouldn’t have to tell you why the food group that is the hotdog is the greatest food group in the world, but unfortunately, sanity doesn’t come to us all. The grand realisation that the stunningly simple concept of a sausage in a bun with some sauce is the source of all of life’s solutions is one that only comes with copious consumption of this holy entity.

For those who are concerned that this is going to be a gooey ode to meat, fear not! A hot dog is not bound to the world of meat, and it’s quite easy to substitute a beautiful brat for a fantastic falafel and still gain the wisdom that comes from the hot dog. After all, it’s not always the ‘dog’ part of the hotdog that makes up the greatest quota of deliciousness, but in fact, it’s how you adorn the dog with its finest dressings that truly makes the hotdog a feast for the Gods.

One of the things that makes the hotdog such a reliable food group is that no matter what country you visit, you will always find a hotdog to occupy the space of your stomach. And once that hotdog is in your stomach, you will feel grand and good and complete, and feel as if you’re back on the right path that you’re supposed to be on. Whether it’s the dirty water hotdogs of New York City, or the divine bratwurst and sauerkraut of the dogs in Germany, or maybe it’s the neeps and tatties concoction of Scotland, you’re going to find a hotdog to satiate all hunger anywhere in the world.

While I’ve long thought about moving out of Perth and traipsing to another city or country, there’s one thing that keeps me here – a certain hotdog joint near one of the many beautiful beaches in Western Australia. Having travelled all over the world and made a point to eat a hotdog wherever I go, I’ve kept a running tally in my mind of where the good dogs are, and although the dogs around the world have all been delicious, there’s been no better hotdog than those found at Fremantle’s Run Amuk Hotdogs.

Owners Jodey and Emily recently celebrated their seventh year of operation, and the day of celebration was intense. It was also more than a little heartwarming to see the community of Perth come out and support the art of creating the finest hotdogs one could hope for. Sure, they were coming for more than just the hotdogs – after all, Run Amuk also create a mean coleslaw, a thirst quenching lemonade (with just the right amount of ginger) that really hits the spot, and an array of milkshakes that are a meal all to themselves (give the Reece’s Peanut Butter Milkshake a shot, you’ll die happy).

This dedicated group of people who live and love hotdogs make the regular pilgrimage to Run Amuk to bathe in their brilliance. You may think I’m laying it on thick, but seriously, when you walk into the building, with Where’s Wally adorned tables, a few old bus seats, a wall covered in donated toy cars, and a truly overwhelming mural of a neon hotdog by Perth’s own Straker, and then you walk up to the counter and meet some of the nicest and warmest people… well, you can’t help but say ‘everyone should visit this place’. And, on top of that, if meat isn’t your thing, then the option of making your dog vegan is there.    

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