Campari to Turn Unmade Films into Posters to Drive Funding for the Films Creation


Despite a renewed industry focus to support Australian films the industry is still facing significant challenges, with 5 in 6 (84%)[1] saying local filmmakers do not get adequate funding to turn their ideas into a production.

The independent research commissioned by Campari also revealed those who work in the industry feel filmmakers face barriers to produce their own films (86%) and say there are limited opportunities to showcase their unmade ideas (83%). Additionally, two thirds agree there needs to be new initiatives (66%), with over half saying there needs to be a pledge to create more emerging Australian films (52%).

To respond, Campari is launching Posters to Production, an initiative to drive awareness and much needed funds by creating movie posters out of unmade film ideas. Unveiled at Melbourne International Film Festival on 3 August at the Campari Cinema Lounge, ACMI, the posters will take inspiration from the iconic Campari style and feature a QR code to help crowdfund their creation.

Travis Johnson, Australian Film Critic said, “Even with efforts and mandates to prioritise Australian made ideas, there is still work to be done to help creative minds find funding for their films. New initiatives are imperative to help turn Australian film ideas into a reality.”

To apply, filmmakers need to submit their synopsis of their unmade film idea via Applications are open from today until 7 July where four emerging filmmakers will be chosen to have their original film synopsis turned into a poster. 


Throughout its history, Campari has always collaborated with icons to inspire unforgettable creations.  During the early 1900s, Campari partnered with some of the most celebrated poster designers of the day such as Leonetto Cappiello, Marcello Dudovich, Adolf Hohenstein, and Marcello Nizzoli.

Campari also has a prominent history in cinema culture, having first collaborated with Italian director Federico Fellini in 1984. Campari has continued to cement their position at the forefront of the arts and innovation by working with iconic directors to tell unique and inspiring stories, encouraging their audience to explore their inner creativity and passions.

Paolo Marinoni, Campari Managing Director said, “Since its inception, Campari has always been at the forefront of art and cinema culture, bridging the gap between television and cinema through its world-famous advertising campaigns. Posters to Production aims to support the film industry talent development by showcasing unmade ideas – with the hope that one day these films will be made.”


As a long-standing partner of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Campari will unveil the posters at the Campari Cinema Lounge at this year’s event and will also support the initiative by donating a portion from every Campari cocktail to selected unmade films. The Lounge will be at ACMI, running from 3 to 20 August.

For those not attending MIFF, the posters will be available for viewing digitally at where Australians can then click-out to the respective GoFundMe pages to donate.

Beyond the donation, Campari is supporting a range of initiatives, like the MIFF Shorts Awards, furthering its cause to amplify filmmakers’ projects.

Mia Falstein-Rush, Programmer and Curator, Melbourne International Film Festival said, “Campari has a long-standing tradition with cinema and continues to accelerate and support grassroots programs. We look forward to partnering with them this MIFF and have them support the Short Awards, another program that highlights short films and new creations.”

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