Japanese Film Festival Online 2024: A Free Digital Celebration Of Japanese Films And Television


The Japanese Film Festival Online returns for its 3rd edition from 5 June – 3 July 2024, offering a dynamic line-up of Japanese cinema and television series, free for streaming right across Australia. 

Presented by the Japan Foundation, this year’s Festival program showcases a diverse selection of 23 films and 2 TV dramas spanning 20 episodes, as well as a selection of four new Japanese horror shorts that premiered at the inaugural Horror Film Competition in Japan in 2023. 

Audiences from 27 countries can enjoy these works, with subtitles available in up to 16 languages.

“JFF Online 2024 is not just a film festival; it’s a cultural bridge connecting fans of Japanese cinema across the globe,” said Manisay Oudomvilay from The Japan Foundation, Sydney. “From the comforts of your home, you can traverse a wide array of genres—from heartfelt dramas and engaging documentaries to captivating anime stories. This festival celebrates the breadth and diversity of Japanese storytelling.”

This year’s festival presents a curated selection of films that seamlessly bridge the past and present, spanning from classics of 1954 to the latest releases of 2023. The diverse line-up includes a broad spectrum of themes and narratives—from LGBTQIA+ stories and intricate family dramas to exhilarating adaptations of beloved Japanese manga. 

“Our line-up includes films that challenge the norms, explore deep human connections and celebrate the artistry of both seasoned and emerging Japanese filmmakers. We invite cinema lovers and Japanophiles alike from around the world to join us in this unique virtual celebration of Japanese cinematic artistry,” said Manisay.

Check out the full streaming schedule at https://japanesefilmfestival.net/jffonline2024/

The full program for the Japanese Film Festival Online includes:


Father of The Milky Way Railroad | 2023 | Director: Izuru Narushima

 A powerful biopic detailing the life of legendary Japanese poet and novelist Kenji Miyazawa, from the perspective of his father.

Anime Supremacy! | 2022 | Director: Kohei Yoshino

 The underdog story about Hitomi, a rookie director who finally gets the chance to helm her own anime series! However, she soon discovers that she must go head-to-head with genius director Chiharu, who’s releasing his own hotly anticipated anime.

BL Metamorphosis| 2022 | Director: Shunsuke Kariyama

When they bond through their shared love of manga, a high school girl and an elderly lady form an unlikely friendship.

I Am What I Am| 2022 | Director: Shinya Tamada

Starring Toko Miura of Drive My Car, this refreshing drama follows the story of 30-year-old Kasumi, who has no interest in romance or marriage. As she seeks a life of freedom without outside judgment, this film champions ‘being your own cheerleader’ as a woman.

The Lines That Define Me| 2022 | Director: Nori Koizumi

 One young man’s journey of loss and rebirth as he embraces sumi-e, the art of Japanese ink painting⁠. This artform is known for rendering the natural world and life itself through shades of black and white.

The Lone Ume Tree| 2021 | Director: Kotaro Wajima

A heartwarming drama centred around an autistic son and his loving and aging mother, along with the difficult realities autistic people face in their communities.

Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction| 2021 | Director: Daihachi Yoshida

In this surprise-filled, highly entertaining drama, a charismatic magazine editor-in-chief and a young staffer plot against each other to keep their magazines afloat.  

Single8 | 2023 | Director: Kazuya Konaka

Set in the 1970s, this charming coming of age story follows a group of Star Wars-obsessed highschoolers, who pick up an 8mm camera and attempt to make their own sci-fi film. Influenced greatly by Steven Spielberg, director Kazuya Konaka created this film inspired by his own youth. 

My Broken Mariko | 2022 | Director: Yuki Tanada

After her best friend Mariko passes away, Tomoyo embarks on a journey to the seaside carrying her ashes. In the process, the young woman reflects on her own life as she mourns the loss of her friend.

The Zen Diary | 2022 | Director: Yuji Nakae

Based on an essay by novelist Tsutomu Mizukami, this film follows a writer living alone in a mountain cottage as he makes zen monastery food. Set against the backdrop of the beauty of the four seasonsthe writer ponders what true wealth is.

School Meals Time Graduation| 2022 | Director: Shinya Ayabe

This hilarious food comedy is about a teacher and student who share a love for school lunches, and together, come to appreciate the importance of food. 

Baby Assassins| 2021 | Director: Yugo Sakamoto

A unique coming-of-age action comedy about two teenage assassins who are suddenly forced to become ordinary members of society, with hilarious consequences

We Made a Beautiful Bouquet | 2021 | Director: Nobuhiro Doi

 Told over five years, this bittersweet love story revolves around twenty-two-year-olds Mugi and Kinu, who meet by chance and spend an unforgettable five years together. Starring popular actors Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura, this film became a box office hit in Japan.

Wedding High| 2022 | Director: Akiko Ohku

In this ensemble comedy set at a wedding, all the participants, including the bride and groom, wedding planner, invited guests and even the bride’s ex-boyfriend, bring their feelings (and drama) to the big day!

The Handsome Suit | 2008 | Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa

What would you do with a magical suit that has the power to instantly make its wearer handsome? In this  fantasy romantic comedy, kind-hearted Takuro runs a cheap eatery and has no confidence in his looks. However, his luck turns around when he gets his hands on the ‘handsome suit’.

We’re Broke, My Lord!| 2023 | Director: Tetsu Maeda

The hysterical period drama about a young fishmonger suddenly catapulted into nobility! When naive fishmonger Koshirо̄ discovers he’s inherited an entire Domain, it comes with a staggering debt with bloodcurdling consequences.

Kimba the White Lion | 1966 | Director: Eichi Yamamoto

This classic anime tells the story of Leo, a white lion who fights to protect the peace of the jungle. A masterpiece that became the cornerstone of Japanese anime, this film is based on the series by the god of Japanese manga himself Osamu Tezuka, also known for creating Astro Boy.


I Go GaGa: Welcome Home, Mom| 2022 | Director: Naoko Nobutomo

Heartwarming and personal, this documentary is a record of the director’s own mother after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in her mid-eighties. Meanwhile, the director’s father continues to take care of his wife into his nineties, endlessly showering her with love.


The Invitation | 2023 | Director: Hiroho Mieno

When two police officers head to a house after a neighbour reports a stench coming from it, the pair investigate and encounter a world beyond their imagination.

KARAKASA | 2023 | Director: Kenji Yamamoto

When Ayaka finds herself caught in the rain, she happens upon an umbrella that had been thrown away. But after she picks up the mysterious umbrella, she is nowhere to be found…

BEST WISHES TO ALL | 2023 | Director: Yuta Shimotsu

After a college student visits her grandparents’ house in the countryside, mysterious noises start to come from the supposedly empty second floor.

closet | 2023 | Director: Hiroto Nakano

In this new style of horror depicting the fears hidden in daily life, a young man living alone comes face to face with a terrifying closet.


Downtown Rocket| 2015 | Director: Katsuo Fukuzawa

Based on the Shitamachi Rocket novels, this series centres on Kohei Tsukuda, a former aerospace researcher who now manages his inherited factory. As he pursues his dream of developing a rocket engine, Tsukuda faces struggles amidst threats from larger conglomerates.

Rikuoh| 2017 | Director: Katsuo Fukuzawa

Starring veteran actor Koji Yakusho (Perfect Days) this series follows Kouichi Miyazawa, the CEO of a traditional Japanese sock company, as he pivots to developing running shoes in an innovative bid to save his struggling fourth-generation family business.

Full program and streaming details available at: https://japanesefilmfestival.net/jffonline2024/

WHAT: Japanese Film Festival Online 2024  
STREAMING SCHEDULE: Films June 5 – June 19 | TV Series June 19 – July 3
WHERE: Streaming online in 27 countries including Australia   
TICKETS: FREE, registration required  
LANGUAGE(S): Japanese with English subtitles + 16 other language subtitles  

Stay up to date with JFF: 
JFF Australia website: www.japanesefilmfestival.net  
Instagram: www.instagram.com/japanesefilmfest  

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