LG Launches Micro LED Display For Virtual Production Studios


LG Electronics (LG) has announced the launch of its new LG MAGNIT (model LBAF) display for virtual production. A large screen leveraging the company’s cutting-edge Micro LED technology, the new model delivers picture quality with deep blacks and vibrant, natural colours, helping directors to create immersive visual experiences. Ideal for film and media production, the new LG MAGNIT is capable of displaying digitally-rendered images in real time; synchronising with monitors, cameras, camera trackers and production computers so that virtual and live-action elements can be seamlessly blended together.

The use of LED displays to provide lifelike backdrops for shooting footage of real actors, presenters and foreground objects is becoming more popular in the broadcasting and film industries. Designed specifically for virtual production studios and extended reality (XR) stages, the new LG MAGNIT, boasting the company’s robust chip-on-board (COB) LED technology and a 1.5 millimeter pixel pitch, delivers the picture quality, features and convenience needed for professional content production. Employing millions of self-lit pixels, LG Micro LED panels are known for their contrast, bright colours and accurate image reproduction. LG MAGNIT’s ability to realistically display digitally-rendered landscapes – whether depicting a location from this world or a completely imagined realm – enables directors to make their artistic vision come to life.

LG MAGNIT for virtual production provides versatility by giving users the ability to customise the size of the displayed image and choose either hanging or stacking installation.* The structure of the LG Micro LED solution helps reduce colour distortion to keep images true across a wide viewing angle, making the display suitable for large-screen configurations. Additionally, for content creators that prefer an immersive effect, LG MAGNIT allows for a concave curvature of up to 10 degrees. The design of this display also makes module alignment easy.

For simplicity of setup and management, the new LG MAGNIT offers convenient installation and maintenance. The LG Micro LED display comes with large, 35.6-inch cabinets and has panel modules and power supply units that can be accessed from the rear. Offering broadcast quality performance, the company’s purpose-built display solution pairs colour accuracy with low latency video processing and HDR capabilities.

“A premium Micro LED display, LG MAGNIT for virtual production is an invaluable tool for broadcasting systems, movie studios, and XR stages, helping directors to see their creative vision come to life,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “Through collaboration with industry leaders, LG will continue to enhance its lineup of Micro LED solutions, offering large-scale displays customised to the unique requirements of diverse verticals.”

Since its initial launch in 2020, LG MAGNIT has raised the bar for premium display experiences, leveraging LG Micro LED technology to deliver stunning picture quality with accurate colours. Designed for use in various environments, the MAGNIT lineup includes displays for residential settings (model LSAD / pixel pitch: 0.78mm) and solutions for diverse business sectors, including corporate, retail, and hospitality (model LSAB / pixel pitch: 0.78/0.9/1.25mm).

The new LG MAGNIT will be available in markets worldwide starting from this month. For more information about LG MAGNIT, visit LG.com.

Accessories required for installation are sold separately.

Availability, pricing and specifications for Australia have yet to be determined. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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