Jonathan Alley Director of Love in Bright Landscapes: The Story of David McComb of The Triffids Interview

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Jonathan Alley’s powerful documentary, Love in Bright Landscapes, tells the story of David McComb and The Triffids – arguably the greatest West Aussie band to have existed. In this grand interview, Jonathan talks about the long journey to bringing David’s story to a film, the power of The Triffids music, while also touching on how it feels to be an interviewer who has interview someone who has passed away. This is a deep, informative interview, just like the film itself.

Love in Bright Landscapes is in cinemas from September 9th. In Perth, Luna Leederville has a series of special events celebrating the film. Tickets can be found here.

If you’re a fan of The Triffids, or want to support the documentary, then visit the Love in Bright Landscapes website here, and pick up a copy of Deep in a Dream here.

The Curb podcast is proudly part of the Auscast Network.

Listen to Gareth Liddiard and The Triffids play Stolen Property here:

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