Photos by Anthony Tran

Martin Wilson’s Pieces Leads the 2022 WA Screen Culture Awards Nominations


Photos by Anthony Tran

Celebrating the achievement, innovation and ambition of our local industry, the WA Screen Culture Awards (WASCAs) embrace all forms from new, established and emerging screen practices.

Now in its third year the WASCAs will be held on Sunday 4 December at Luna Cinemas Leederville hosted by comedian Joe White.

“Everyone involved in the WASCAs including the national and international judges are very proud to be in some small way connected to the support and development of the WA screen sector in all its forms” says Revelation Film Festival Director Richard Sowada. 

“The depth and diversity of all the works submitted is a flag the entire industry should be flying high, and it’s a great honour for us to hoist it as far as it can go. It’s an event that’s dedicated to showcasing to a national audience’s achievement and innovation across the entire local screen sector in a rapidly converging media environment. In that, the works speak for themselves, so what’s not to celebrate?” Sowada continues.

We look forward to announcing the winners from the following outstanding nominees across 20 categories:

Innovation Awards

  • Narrative Feature Film with budget under $1m
    • Bassendream
    • Cherubhead
    • Painkiller
    • Pieces
    • Thorns & Thistles at the End of the World
  • Narrative Feature Film with budget over $1m
    • Avarice
    • How to Please a Woman
    • Where All Light Tends To Go
  • Feature Documentary / Non Fiction
    • Facing Monsters
    • Namarali
    • Shipwreck Hunters Australia
    • Stage Changers
  • Short Film / Animation – presented by Raz Rentals
    • Freedom Swimmer
    • Match Made
    • Hash Browns
    • Redzone
    • Survivors of Wadjemup
  • Student Film – presented by the City of Vincent
    • Expiration Date
    • Letters
    • (Not So) Great Expectations
    • The Golden Rollers
    • Through Her Eyes
    • Walk Run Strive
  • Music Video
    • ANI – Anywhere Else
    • Drapht & WASO – Jimmy Recard
    • Drapht & WASO – Where Ya From
    • Inneka – Prof Strohl
    • The Hills – The Faim
  • Game Design – presented by StemSmart
    • Lost and Hound
    • Isle of Trials: Curse of the Fire Gods
  • Commercial Content – presented by PAV
    • Queens on the Edge
    • The View From Here
  • Moving Image and Installation Art – presented by the City of Vincent
    • BUFF{ED}
    • Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator
    • Making Dalison
    • Women Inc
  • Virtual Reality, 360° or Augmented Reality – presented by XR:WA
    • A Quiet Day in the Hall
    • Beyond the Milky Way
    • Galup VR Experience
    • Isle of Trials: Curse of the Fire Gods
    • MPA Skills/ “Try a Trade” Program
  • Web Series or Online Content – presented by RevStream
    • Capturing the Fire
    • Making Dalison
    • The View From Here
    • Walking Man

Outstanding Achievement Awards

  • Directing – presented by The Backlot Perth
    • How to Please a Woman – Renee Webster
    • Making Dalison – Dominic Pearce
    • Pieces – Martin Wilson
    • Stage Changers – Ella Wright
    • Touch – Jennie Feyen
    • Walking Man – Luna Laure
    • Where All Light Tends To Go – Ben Young
  • Cinematography or Visualisation
    • Choice – Claire Leach
    • Facing Monsters – Rick Rifici
    • Mettle – Lewis Potts
    • Pieces – Jim Frater
    • Shipwreck Hunters Australia – Darren McCagh, Andre Rerekura
  • Writing
    o   Galup VR Experience – Ian Wilkes and Poppy van Oorde-Grainger with an oral history from Doolann-Leisha Eatts
    o   How to Please a Woman – Renee Webster
    o   Isolation in Lockdown – Donna Hughes
    o   Match Made – Peter Williams and Chantelle Naude
    o   Ngaluk Waangkiny – Ian Wilkes and Poppy van Oorde-Grainger 
  • Performance
    • How to Please a Woman – Hayley McElhinney
    • Match Made – Peter Williams
    • Pieces – Alex Arco
    • Pieces – Megan Aspinall
    • Pieces – Monique Wilson
    • Where All Light Tends to Go – Emma Booth
    • Wimitj – Della Rae Morrison
  • Performance Under 18s – presented by The Ali Roberts Studio
    • (Not So) Great Expectations – Lauren Campbell
    • Choice – Saffron Bell
    • Pieces – Allegra Teo
    • Pieces – Jasmine Lucas
    • Wimitj – Tjiirm McGuire
  • Production Design (incl. costume, set design, hair and makeup etc)
    • Choice – Alzbeta Rekosh
    • How to Please a Woman – Emma Fletcher
    • Modern Clocks – Christian Kennedy
    • Pieces – Dennon Pike, Monique Wilson, Kristie Rowe, Tess Rowe, Shannon Murphy
    • Slasher Squad – Nathan Stone, Stuart Campbell
  • Editing – presented by Sandbox
    • How to Please a Woman – Merlin Eden
    • Pieces – Lawrie Silvestrin
    • Redzone – John McGovarin
    • Stage Changers – Chris Trappe
    • Walking Man – Frances Elliott
  • Sound or Sound Design – presented by Soundbyte
    o   Facing Monsters – Xoe Baird, Ric Curtin, Jeremy Ashton
    o   Freedom Swimmer
    o   Shipwreck Hunters Australia – Jason North, Ned Beckley, Josh Hogan, Lucy Torvaldsen
    o   Where All Light Tends To Go – Ric Curtin, Xoe Baird, Les Fiddess, Terri Bellem
  •  Original Music – presented by RTRFM 92.1
    o   Laugh With Me – Sean Tinnion
    o   Making Dalison – Marc Earley
    o   Immortal – Oscar Millar
    o   Namarali – Cameron Deyell
    o   Pieces – Tim Count
    o   Walking Man – Mathew ‘Cheeky’ Cheetham
    o   Where All Light Tends To Go – Adam Spark

Also presented will be two Special Industry Awards for Contribution to the Industry and the Independent Spirit Award.

The awards night includes the official awards presentation, followed by post-event celebration into the night at Luna Cinemas Leederville. Tickets are $50 and are available online at

The WASCAs are proudly presented and produced by the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in collaboration with the WA screen industry.

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