Katherine Grace on Working with Friend Holly Dodd on the Horror Short Alison & Betty

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There’s something in the water in Perth that leads to a creative movement from local filmmakers who push through microbudget limitations to tell engaging and inventive stories on screen. For emerging filmmakers Katherine Grace and Holly Dodd, that drive for creativity comes in the form of working together as actors and directors on a duo of short films. For Holly, it’s the short horror Consumed, a story of a young woman who suffers from sleep paralysis, while for Katherine, her short film Alison & Betty sees one friend be haunted by the presence of her distant friend Betty.

As Katherine details in the following interview, working together on each others films has helped create a body of work that has been able to showcase their combined and singular talents. There’s a charm and devilishness to Alison & Betty that leans into a 1950s housewife modality, flipping it on its head with an off kilter kookiness that sees Katherine and Holly bounce off each other with ease. Alison & Betty shows a talent on the rise that has me excited to see where both Katherine and Holly progress as filmmakers.

To follow Katherine’s work, make sure to follow her Instagram page @justamissgrace, or visit her YouTube page for more details, and Holly’s Instagram page @hollyedodd to keep track of her projects.

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian cinema, Australian politics, Australian culture, and Australia in general. Found regularly talking online about Sweet Country, and reminding people to watch Young Adult.

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