Levon J. Polinelli Talks Everybody Gets Stabbed, Microbudget Filmmaking, and Recovering Lost Films in this Interview

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Perth indie filmmaker Levon J. Polinelli made a film, and then, one night, it was stolen from him.

Fearing the worst, and having seen countless hours of work disappear immediately, Levon almost gave up hope, until the internet managed to save his film. Now, making its debut at Perth’s WA Made Film Festival, a complete version of Everybody Gets Stabbed exists, and Levon sat down with me to talk about the process of making it, and the stress of it being lost, and the realm of microbudget filmmaking.

Head along to see Everybody Gets Stabbed at 10am March 13th at Palace Cinemas Raine Square, and check out the trailer and poster for Everybody Gets Stabbed below.

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