Mojo’s Bar is Closed but With Your Help They Can Reopen When the Time is Right

As Covid-19 keeps small business and communities closed, we’ll be pushing fundraising campaigns to try help build awareness of places in need.

If you are a business, artist, organisation, or community, that is closed due to the virus, please contact us on to let us know how people can support you in this time of need.

The below is from an email from Mojo’s Bar in Fremantle. If you’re a fan of live music, then you’ll likely have either visited Mojo’s, or know how important they are to the Perth music community. Please support them however you can.

Firstly, We thank all our unique and amazing staff, artists, suppliers, neighbours and punters for making Mojo’s Bar the extremely special place that it is.

Mojo’s Bar is closed as result of COVID-19 pandemic. Being the intimate and unique venue that we are, for the safety of you, the musos, the punters, our managers, our staff and all others who call Mojo’s Bar home we cannot continue to operate.

Having closed last year to invest heavily in sound proofing, Mojo’s Bar, despite essential help from our supportive landlords, is not in a position to weather this storm.

The little bar that can, the bar that was always open, always cultivating new talent and is a safe space for all in the community now needs your help. We are fully aware that this is happening to every venue and that everyone needs help but as custodians of Mojo’s Bar/237 Queen Victoria St North Fremantle, a space that has presented live original music for close to 50 years, we know Mojo’s Bar in particular is worth fighting for.

Through sheer desperation with nowhere else to turn, Mojo’s Bar have opened this GoFundMe page to provide funds to pay overheads and liabilities outstanding such that we can then be in a position to reopen when it is safe to do so.

With your help Mojo’s Bar will always be there for all of Freo, WA, Australia & The World!

All contributions over $75 from those in Australia will earn a one off pressing “I helped save Mojo’s” T-shirt.

Click here to donate. 

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