New Esports Viewing Experience to Launch in Perth

Flaktest and Visor Immersive are proud to announce the launch of a new viewing experience in Perth, the “DOTA 2 TI Screening,” set for Sunday, 25 August.

This unique event, attuned to the explosive growth of esports in Australia, will be held from 3:30-6:30pm at The Backlot Perth, and will include an information session on the what and why of esports in Perth, while enjoying the energy and social atmosphere created by the venue and viewing of the largest esports tournament in the world.

The upcoming series aims to offer informal, approachable esports experiences that let participants “dip a toe” and learn about the industry, while enjoying the spirit of live esports in an exciting environment. Flaktest and Visor Immersive have chosen the final Sunday in August as the starting point for the series, given this goal, and because the Dota 2 TI Grand Final coincides with the event.

“Over 6 billion hours of esports content was consumed online. Our aim is to provide frequent access to live esports content in local communities, whether it be via a screening or live LAN event. Few businesses have the knowledge and expertise of the nuances required to grow a media business in esports, and the beauty of working together with Visor Immersive is that they’re able to bring a unique lens to the viewing experience and reframe how consumers enjoy esports content. We’re proud to announce this partnership and upcoming series.” said Brett Sullivan, CEO of Flaktest

Dates for the other proposed series and seminars will be finalised shortly and will coincide with other major Flaktest and international esports events or seasonally appropriate topics, which currently include: “Flaktest Youth Esports Open Days”, “Understanding the esports ecosystem”, “Esports business hacks” and “Esports Sundowners – Networking events.

“Visor Immersive are excited to partner with Flaktest in creating a world class gaming and esports venue in Western Australia at The Backlot Perth” – Ian Hale, Director of Visor Immersive

Along with contacting Flaktest and Visor Immersive for more details and to sign up for the “DOTA 2 TI Screening” event, Flaktest is also providing online registration to reserve a seat, for this and each subsequent seminar, which can be accessed from the Flaktest events page here.

About Flaktest

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Flaktest helps kids become better learners through the games they love to play. Through the platform, teachers and parents have access to on-demand school esports programs that drive student academic outcomes and personal growth. You can start a Flaktest Club today and connect with your students and children today at

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