Perth’s Australian Revelations 2020 Season Launches with a Film That’s Out of This World

It’s insane to think that it’s been twenty years since the iconic Aussie film, The Dish, arrived on screens around the world. It’s even madder to think that it’s been fifty-one years since the events of the film took place.

To help celebrate the anniversary of The Dish, Perth’s Revelation Film Festival are launching the 2020 season of their much loved Australian Revelations screenings on March 30th with a screening of this iconic and classic film.

Featuring Sam Neill, the late and great Tom Long, Patrick Warburton, and a cast of iconic Aussie actors, The Dish on the big screen will be an event you simply cannot miss.

Pick up tickets here, and make sure you get there early to appreciate the delicious array of cheese and drinks on offer.

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian cinema, Australian politics, Australian culture, and Australia in general. Found regularly talking online about Sweet Country, and reminding people to watch Young Adult.

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