The New Joneses Road Trip: Join Nats What I Reckon and Co Showing Domestic Climate Change Solutions

What do Hollywood actor, Yael Stone, cooking-champion, Nat’s What I Reckon and screen legend, Stephen Curry have to do with climate change?

They’re on board THE NEW JONESES Road Trip, the digi-series showing simple stuff we can do at home to be part of the climate change solution.

When Nat’s What I Reckon heard that Yael had given up her green card to lighten her carbon footprint, he wanted to know how to lighten his.

Yael suggested a road-trip. Heading on tour himself, Nat enlisted Slatts Everyday (from thrash-band, King Parrot) to take up the mission to meet the people doing good for the climate.

In the digi-series, Slatts hits the road in a 100% electric vehicle to meet Aussies doing better for our people and planet.

From Gippsland cattle-country to 100% renewable-energy-powered Tassie, hipster Brunswick, to Broken Hill’s dusty-red outback, each episode introduces a new hero, a different part of Australia and a call to action for Nat and Slatts.

It’s a bit sweary and features Stephen Curry, Jane Caro AM, Alice-In-Frames, Joost Bakker, Sam Walker, Dr Anika Molesworth, zero waster, Tish King and AFL’s Neville Jetta.

See Slatts dodge border-closures and a Murray Cod named Murray and other adventures at

The digi-series is running as part of the Environmental Film Festival Australia 2021 from Wed 14 Oct to Sun 14 Nov:

The New Joneses also run Buy Nothing New Month every October:

Tamara DiMattina started the award winning The New Joneses and Buy Nothing New Month after going to Antarctica a decade ago to study climate change.

In the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow, the climate change conference that will have a lot to do with how badly the planet is effected by climate change in the futures, the messages in the digi-series are real and pertinent.


For 10 years, The New Joneses have shown easy things we can do daily for our people and  planet. With events covid-hibernating, the road trip is their “pivot”.

The New Joneses actions are matched to UNSDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and Project Drawdown – the world’s most comprehensive plan to reverse Global Warming.)

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