We Get Deep and Meaningful with Frank and Frank Actor Myles Pollard and Writer-Director Adam Morris in This Interview

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This interview contains discussion of mental health issues and suicide.

Albany based filmmaker Adam Morris returns to the region with his second feature film, Frank and Frank (or the Valley and the Walrus: Ruminations on the Mystery from Soup to Nuts). This introspective and explorative film follows Frank (Myles Pollard), a faith and financial influencer whose life is in turmoil as he faces a potential divorce as he heads out on a talking tour. In the throes of despair, Frank chances upon a stranger, also named Frank (Trevor Jamieson), and the two quickly become salvations for one another.

Frank and Frank is a film that explores masculine emotions in an open and honest way, with Pollard’s Frank struggling to keep the ground under his feet – both figuratively and literally, as we see him try and reconcile with his faith one day by building a backyard crucifix to hoist himself onto, as if that will be the solution to his problems. The two Frank’s share hard truths and engage in a soul searching journey together, lifting each other up.

This synopsis suggests that Frank and Frank is a dark, heavy film, and to be fair, it is at times, but it is also reflective of life in the sense that there are frequent moments of lightness and levity to bring a touch of hope to both of the Frank’s lives.

In this interview, Adam and Myles talk about their working relationship, what changed in them as individuals during filming, and the joy of working the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

Frank and Frank (or the Valley and the Walrus: Ruminations on the Mystery from Soup to Nuts) has its world premiere at Perth’s Revelation Film Festival on Saturday July 15 at 6pm at Luna Leederville, with a follow up screening on July 16 at 5:45pm at Luna SX. For more details, visit RevelationFilmFest.org.

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