Best Film Posters of 2018

Curating a list from the many great prints has been a yearly joy for me, and 2018 is no different with it being another solid year for movie posters. There were varied and unique takes on films that have had endless amounts of prints crafted for them, as well as a wealth of new films being explored via great artists.

Crafted by boutique businesses like Mondo, Black Dragon Press and Bottleneck Gallery, or even commissioned by faithful fans, these prints are odes to new and old films, working to supplant the usually average studio commissioned posters that you’d find in your local multiplex.

As with previous years, I start my list with a few honourable mentions…

Honourable mentions:

SilenceJonathan Burton

Jonathan Burton had a great year with some fantastic Universal Monsters prints coming out alongside this print for Martin Scorsese’s religious epic. The muted colours help amplify the increasing sense of despair.

Thief & Texas Chainsaw MassacreRobert Sammelin

Robert Sammelin’s 2018 output would put many to shame. It’s bloody hard to pick some of the best works he crafted this year, but here we are with nods to Thief and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – two very different prints. One a colourful expression of an iconic dance with a chainsaw, the other a moody glimpse into darkness. Both superb.

Jurassic ParkClaire Hummel

Another year, another Jurassic Park print. For films that have had endless amounts of prints crafted for them, it’s rare to see something ‘new’ just… appear. And, well, Claire Hummel’s Jurassic Park print takes the concept of dinosaurs back to the pure essence of their existence in our world – their skeletons. There’s a voyeuristic feel to this print, one that hints at impending chaos. I can’t wait to see what Claire Hummel comes up with in 2019.

AnnihilationRory Kurtz

Rory Kurtz keeps going from strength to strength. Here, he apes his A Clockwork Orange print and swaps milk for flowers and snakes, with the assumed body of one of this ethereal science fiction films characters overwhelmed by nature. A beautiful film deserves a beautiful print, and this one does exactly that.

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