5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2100% Soft

From Bergman to Marvel, and we land with a purely candy filled print for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. You need to brush your teeth after looking at this, because damn is it the sweetest thing. Looking at this, it’s impossible to not hear the first beats of Mr Blue Sky, and in turn, feel your heart just lift with joy. Each character gets a small moment of brilliance here – with the smiles on Groot, Yondu and Drax just being wonderful mood boosters. I love this film, and I love this perfect representation for it.

4. DraculaPhantom City Creative

That typography is everything. Both versions are perfect renditions of classic title treatments for a great, classic film. Now, there’s been a bunch of great Dracula prints, but the look of Bela Lugosi stalking down the stairs with his candle creating a silhouette of a bat over his back is immediately iconic. When paired with their Frankenstein print, this Dracula works as a celebration of the Universal monsters catalogue. Both prints were part of Mondo’s Universal Monsters gallery show – which two more entries on this list were also part of.

3. The Bride of FrankensteinKen Taylor

Ken Taylor wraps up his holy trinity of black and white cinema prints with The Bride of Frankenstein. Joining the sublime Metropolis (that clock!) and Nosferatu, this print is (yes, I know) a work of art. Ken Taylor is consistently one of the finest artists working today, banging out hit after hit (this print also landed in 2018), and yet, he always manages to outdo himself. Art-deco, mixed with classic horror imagery, and one perfect lightning strike – this is all round brilliance.

2. The Man Who Fell to EarthMartin Ansin

Martin Ansin is a genuine master at the work of movie poster art – that’s why he’s number one on my top 100 Best Mondo posters list – and this celebration of David Bowie and Nicolas Roeg’s masterwork is immediately one of his finest works. This is a print that is designed to lose yourself in. From the glasses in the jacket pocket, to the lone tear down Bowie’s face, to the intense look in his eyes, there is so much to celebrate here. And then, of course, the typography! It’s artists like Martin Ansin and Ken Taylor that remind us why the alternative movie poster scene continues to thrive as they celebrate cinema with their own, unique voice.

  1. FrankensteinJessica Seamens

And hey, if Martin Ansin and Ken Taylor are reminding us why the alternative movie poster scene thrives, then it’s artists like Jessica Seamans who take a look at that scene and say, ok, this is what you’re doing? Let’s see if I can take this to a new level.

For the second year in a row, Jessica Seamans tops my favourite movie posters list. Her Pinocchio is still one of the finest prints around, and her Frankenstein is quickly nipping at its heels. The way Jessica directs your eye to the motif of the ‘monster’ and the girl is powerful, leaving you knocked back and heartbroken. This is not a happy image, and just like Pinocchio, Jessica explores the mournful sadness that permeates through James Whale’s masterpiece through earthy colours.

And again, the typography! Look at that title treatment that feels perfectly askew and unnatural. This really is a truly brilliant poster for a film that has had an endless amount of brilliant posters created for it.

These were my favourite posters of 2018. Head on over to the links below to see what I thought were my favourites in previous years, as well as to see what my top 100 Mondo posters are.

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