Lost & Found on Path for Oscar Glory with Shortlist Entry

Oh boy. This is really great news. 

The AACTA winning short film Lost & Found has progressed to the short list, joining nine other films to hopefully reach Oscar glory at the 91st Academy Awards. Lost & Found was part of a long list of 81 films, and thanks to the Members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch, it managed to reach the short list.

This is another worthy win for one of the best short films this year, which is also up for a nod at the Annie Awards for Best Animated Short Subject.

If you haven’t seen Lost & Found and want to give it a watch before the nominations are announced, you’re in luck. It’s available to watch right here.  

And, once you’re done watching it, give the interview Andrew did with the team behind the film a listen right here

Oh, and it’s really worthwhile checking out the website for Lost & Found for the truly brilliant Lost & Found-ized movie posters for the ‘For Your Consideration‘ campaign, like the Knotzilla one below.

To find out what other films got short listed for the Oscars, head on over to the next page to find out.

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian film and culture. He is the co-chair of the Australian Film Critics Association, a Golden Globes voter, and the author of two books on Australian film, The Australian Film Yearbook - 2021 Edition, and Lonely Spirits and the King. You can find him online trying to enlist people into the cult of Mac and Me.

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