Everest Review

There is an old Gary Larson Far Side cartoon which has two people standing beside a massive ditch. They have climbing gear on and ready to tackle the ditch. The line at the bottom was ‘because it’s not there’. I was quite young when I read this and didn’t entirely get it at the time. What wasn’t there that made these climbers want to go down a huge ditch?

Frontline Review

My favourite documentary of all time is Jehane Noujaim's 2004 Control Room. A film about the media’s involvement in the Iraq War in the early 2000's, with special focus on Al Jazeera. It's a heartbreaking docum...

Sicario Review

Sicario is the latest thriller from Prisoners and Enemy director, Denis Villeneuve. I mistakenly made the comment on Twitter that he was an ‘up and coming director’ and thankfully someone corrected me with the ...

Dear White People Review

As has increasingly become the case, we have started to have to track down highly regarded films in Australia that simply have not gotten a theatrical release. Dear White People is one of those films – a fairly...

Straight Outta Compton Review

Like many a white Australian male growing up in the nineties, I liked to think I knew what good rap was. Besides listening to Gangsta's Paradise and Fuck the Police a lot, it was mostly Public Enemy that I was ...

Tehran Taxi Review

Filmed from the perspective of security cameras in a taxi, Tehran Taxi is the latest non-film from director Jafar Panahi. Just like This Is Not a Film, Panahi uses these security cameras to document what occurs...

Song of the Sea Review

There is a quiet beauty that permeates through every frame of Song of the Sea. Rising from the painterly animation that seems to have dropped away from animated films in recent years, through to the&n...

The Tribe (Plemya) Review

You’ve most likely heard a lot about The Tribe – the worldwide festival favourite that has been scooping up rave reviews and awards around the place. Set in the Ukraine, The Tribe follows a young man who finds ...

Dark Star: HR Giger’s Welt Review

The camera moves along an overgrown pathway up to a dark wood door. The door opens slowly, showing off a tall female humanoid creature. It has a distinct biomechanical look. The camera moves further inside to s...

Yakona Review

Yakona is the reason why I attend a festival like the Revelation Film Festival every year. There is every chance in the world that I would have never seen this film if it weren’t for the festival, and even me s...