Transitions Film Festival Announces 2022 Program: Visions for a Better World

Transitions Film Festival returns this February with an enthralling program of world-changing documentaries about the existential challenges, creative innovations, and heroic pioneers helping us to envision a better world. 

The program features over 20 virtual sessions available online, nationwide, as well as a small selection of screenings in Melbourne. 

Highlights of this year’s festival include Ecocide, a narrative legal drama set in the fictional world of 2034 that sees Germany’s Angela Merkel put on trial for a failure to act on climate change and Youth Vs Gov, which follows 21 plaintiffs under the age of 21, who sue the American government for failing to protect them from the climate crisis. The Seeds of Vandana Shiva paints an intimate portrait of one of the world’s leading environmental activists and Who We Were takes us on an epic journey through the history and future of our species and explores what future worlds may be possible when we come to understand the collective power of ‘we’. 

The power of activists to create change is showcased in Dear Future Children, which spotlights 3 young activists from around the world fighting for their lives, 70/30 which follows the Dutch people’s quest to set an ambition climate target of 70% emissions reductions by 2030, Barricade, which gives audiences a fly-on-the-wall view of Germany’s creative forest defenders, and The Ants and The Grasshopper which follows Malawian farmer and environmentalist Anita Chitaya as she travels to the USA to try to convince Americans to act on climate change. 

The power of food to change the world is explored in Food For The Rest of Us, which highlights the links between climate and social justice movements and shows us how what we eat can build community and nourish our souls. First We Eat follows filmmaker Suzanne Crocker and her family on a year-long experiment to live only off food that can be grown, gathered or hunted locally, Reflection: A Walk With Water illuminates humans relationship with our most precious element, and To Which We Belong shows us how regenerative agriculture can play a vital role in reversing climate change. 

The mind-blowing future before us is illuminated in A.rtificial I.mmortality which features a digital Deepak Chopra and explores digital immortality and post-biological life, Father of The Cyborgs, which gives us an intimate glimpse into the brazen and fearless life of an inventor of brain-computer interfaces, who went on to use himself as an experimental subject, and Hot Money, which warns of economic collapse as the climate heats up. 

Other thought-provoking titles include Forest For The Trees, which follows the story of a war photographer embedded in the lives of tree planters in Canada, and Dream On, Yearning For Change, which explores the lives of 5 separate dreamers as they try to make the world a better place. Mountains of Plastic, shows how even the most isolated regions of earth cannot escape plastic pollution, Solutions sees some of the world’s leading experts locked in the Mexican desert for 10 days as they try to devise plans to solve humans most complex and urgent challenges, and Inferno Without Borders highlights how ancient indigenous wisdom can be used to help combat future Australian bushfires.  

With an emphasis on the greatest threats facing humanity and the solutions to our collective challenges, this year’s festival features a huge line-up of films about climate change, activism, biodiversity, plastics, economics and innovation. 

In an era of accelerating change and unprecedented disruption, Transitions Film Festival celebrates the things we love and inspires us to fight for the future we want. 

To learn more or purchase tickets, head to the Transitions Film Festival website, 


WHEN: February 18th – March 13th.  

WHERE: Melbourne CBD and Online


TICKET INFO: Online Tickets: $9 – $12. Festival Passes available. Tickets can be purchased from Eventive or the Transitions Film Festival website. 

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