WhispersRed Gold Coast Film Festival Interview – Live-ASMR, Relaxation, Self-Discovery, and Awareness

The Gold Coast Film Festival is one of Australia’s most exciting film festivals, and this March, they’re bringing a one of a kind experience to the Gold Coast.

ASMR leader, WhispersRed, is coming all the way to Australia to bring her unique and highly respected live ASMR experience to the Gold Coast.

The event will take place during the OUT LOUD Festival at HOTA, from March 6-15, with the ASMR Live! events running on March 12th and March 14th. Head over to the website to purchase tickets and be part of this unique, interactive experience.

In the lead up to the event, Andrew caught up with WhispersRed to talk about how she got into ASMR, what the movement is about, and what people can expect from the experience.

Q. When did you come to realise that ASMR was something you resonated with personally?

A. I have experienced the ASMR sensation ever since I can remember. There wasn’t a name for it though I knew it was a nice feeling and made me feel calm. Once I discovered ASMR videos and I found there were other people who experienced the feeling and there was actually a name for it. I dived straight into the community and never looked back! I felt as though I had found my people.

Q. How did you get started in the ASMR field?

A. After starting a Facebook group called ASMR UK, I heard of a meet-up happening for ASMR content creators. I started a channel so I could attend the meet-up. My aim was to be more involved in the community.

Q. What does it mean for you to be a leader of the ASMR movement online?

A. I joined the ASMR community online in 2013. This seems like such a long time ago now and so much has changed. Mainly regarding the sheer amount of creators, viewers and quality of content available. During my time as an ASMRtist I have gained lots of experience in explaining ASMR in the press and have written a book on the subject. My aim then is to represent ASMR as best I can to those who would be unable to explain it or find it difficult to do so. I would like to make the type of videos and place ASMR into different formats that others can show their friends and family to explain what ASMR is.

Q. How do you decide on what tools, items, or sound creation methods to use when creating your ASMR videos?

A. Anything can be ‘played’ in a relaxing way in terms of creating a sound with it. I tend to go for using items that are nice to look at, have a relaxing feel or texture and make gentle sounds with them.

Q. What can people expect from a live-ASMR experience?

A. Live ASMR is very different to watching a video alone. It’s much more of a group meditation and it’s often surprising for some that they experience the ASMR sensation during events. However ASMR has always been experienced in day to day, in person situations before videos were first made. I like to remind us all of this and try to bring ASMR away from the screen and back into public places. The audience can at least expect a relaxing and immersive experience.

Q. What have been some of the audience reactions to live-ASMR sessions?

A. The most wonderful feedback is that the session was relaxing. It’s also really great to know that people are able to bring their friends, partners and family to events as a way to better explain what ASMR is. Friends have also been made at these events as many people attend on their own. There is always an interactive area set up so people can chat with each other and find things in common.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most with bringing the live-ASMR experience to Australia?

A. We have a large ASMR community over in Australia but not very many ASMRtists unfortunately. It is less likely we would have an event in Australia because of this. So I am very much looking forward to coming over to put on this event. It’s also going to be the most spectacular and immersive event I have ever done which is so exciting for me.

Q. For those who haven’t experienced ASMR before, what can they expect? Will everyone have the same response?

A. Not everyone has the same experience with ASMR. Some of us are just more sensitive to sound than others and feel it in a different way. There will be some who experience excitement at going to an event, some who feel the relaxation and others who experience a full tingle sensation on top of everything else. Any reaction to the event is wonderful to me. For those who aren’t sure if they experience ASMR or not the event would be a good tester as there is no pressure to feel anything at all. Just be there and be open to a relaxing experience.

Q. Are there any myths or stigmas about ASMR that you would like to dispel?

A. I don’t feel there are many myths or stigmas surrounding ASMR. We see the press sensationalise ASMR quite a lot in order to gain attention to their piece. However I find that this is not representative of what most people think about ASMR. The it is explained in a sensible way most are able to understand straight away.

Q. I get the impression from your videos and from reading about the ASMR community that you have helped open the door for a lot of people to realise a path to relaxation and calm. What does that mean to you? And how important is it to bring a sense of peace and calm to the world?

A. I’m very much on a mission to enable people to discover the name for something they may have experienced their whole lives. Many of us do not know there is a name for it, that others feel it to or that utilising it can be beneficial to us. Self-discovery and awareness is very important for personal growth and the more people experiencing this all over the planet, the better. ASMR has a small part to play in the raising of consciousness all over the world. The more we act from a place of peace the more peaceful our actions will be.

Make sure to check out WhispersRed’s YouTube channel here, and keep an eye on the great lineup of events at the Gold Coast Film Festival, which runs from the 15th of April til the 26th of April.

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is passionate about Australian cinema, Australian politics, Australian culture, and Australia in general. Found regularly talking online about Sweet Country, and reminding people to watch Young Adult.

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